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The weekly Sandton Times Hour is a Sandton magazine show that brings the wanted online pages of The Sandton Times to life. As the only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, this Sandton magazine show is packed with an array of entertaining and informative interviews blended with the best music, every week on Mix 93.8, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Harry Nicolaides, CEO of Century 21 South Africa takes a look at the South African property market and welcome signs of growth in the real estate sector.
  • Bryce O’Donnell, Managing Director of Abcon Developments shares the details of the commencement of Phase 2 of The Sandton Gate Precinct.
  • Wikus Lategan, CEO of Calgro M3 discusses the plans for Bankenveld District City, alongside Sandton and Waterfall City.
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The Sandton Times offers readers all they ever wanted online, and The Sandton Times Hour is the go-to weekly magazine show broadcast from greater Sandton. The Sandton magazine show features fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment, business and so much more beyond the borders of greater Sandton. In 2023, the radio show and podcast was selected by Feedspot panellists at #15 on a ranking of Top 40 South Africa Podcasts on the web.


In this week’s show [Edition 156 | Week 20] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:


The South African Property Market With CEO Of Century 21 South Africa Harry Nicolaides

Sandton Times Hour
Century 21 South Africa CEO Harry Nicolaides notes a promising improvement in the rate of property sales during the first quarter of 2024 compared to the previous quarter. Image: Century 21 South Africa

As the South African property market charts a course towards recovery, Century 21 South Africa CEO Harry Nicolaides offers insights into the sector’s recent growth.


Despite the absence of interest rate cuts this year, market sentiment alone has been driving this positive trend. Anticipation mounts for even higher sales activity once the predicted interest rate cutting cycle commences in the second half of the year.


While some potential buyers and investors may be holding off until after the general elections, Harry emphasizes that interest rate movement holds greater significance for the market. Globally, bank lending rates play a pivotal role in influencing property prices and demand. Lower interest rates typically stimulate demand for property, driving prices upward.


Although election-related delays in decision-making are anticipated, Harry cites studies from the UK and the US showing minimal and short-lived impacts on market activity. However, he acknowledges that the high global interest rate environment has adversely affected property sales and house price growth over the past two years.


Looking ahead, Harry remains optimistic, noting global indicators suggesting that interest rate hikes have peaked and reached stable levels. Economic analysts predict incremental interest rate cuts from the second half of the year onwards, fostering positive sentiment in the property market.


This optimism has already translated into an uptick in property sales and house price growth, both globally and in South Africa. With resilience characterizing the local market, Harry believes that 2024 holds the potential for positivity and recovery.


Sandton Gate Precinct Commencement Of Phase 2 With Managing Director Of Abcon Developments Bryce O’Donnell

Sandton Times Hour
Phase 1 of the development set the tone for combining commercial and residential spaces. With Phase 2, Sandton Gate aims to solidify its position as a sustainable urban lifestyle hub. Image: Abcon Developments

Sandton Gate has announced the commencement of Phase 2 of its development, with the aim to elevate urban working and living set in a modern precinct.


The announcement of Sandton Gate’s Phase 2 development marks a significant milestone in its evolution. With plans encompassing 10’000 sqm of commercial office space and an expansive 12’000 sqm of retail space, the precinct is strategically poised to meet the evolving needs of businesses and residents alike. Having commenced with bulk earthworks on 2 April 2024, the development aims for completion by the end of 2025.


Read the full story: Sandton Gate Announces Commencement Of Phase 2


Bankenveld District City With CEO Of Calgro M3 Wikus Lategan

Sandton Times Hour
Bankenveld District City is not just a development; it’s it looks to create a vibrant and inclusive community. Image: Boogertman + Partners

Calgro M3 Holdings and Eris Property Group have announced the ground-breaking Bankenveld District City development, a visionary project aimed at promoting socio-economic upliftment on an unprecedented scale. Located strategically to bridge the gap between affordability and access to Sandton’s economic hub, this development is set to redefine urban living.


The project will feature between 20’000 to 30’000 housing units, accompanied by significant commercial, retail, and industrial spaces. With approximately 34% of the land allocated to infrastructure, including roads, stormwater management, and recreational areas, Bankenveld District City is designed to enhance the quality of life for residents and surrounding communities.


Under the joint venture agreement, both Calgro M3 and Eris will share the infrastructure installation costs. Calgro M3 will oversee the residential components, while Eris will manage the commercial, retail, industrial, educational, and healthcare segments.


Bankenveld District City represents a monumental step forward, doubling Calgro M3’s existing project pipeline and potentially generating over R18 billion in revenue. This financial injection underscores the project’s substantial value and its positive impact on the communities served by Calgro M3.


With the commencement of this ambitious development, Calgro M3 reaffirms its commitment to sustainable and innovative urban planning. As construction progresses, Bankenveld District City promises to reshape the urban landscape, offering residents a blend of affordability, accessibility, and opportunity in one of South Africa’s most dynamic economic hubs.


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