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The only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, the weekly Sandton Times Hour brings the pages of The Sandton Times to life with an array of entertaining and informative interviews blended with the best music, every week on Mix 93.8, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Aspiring superbike racing champion Oratilwe Phiri and his dad Thabiso, talk about their recent Checkers Sixty60 fame.
  • Wayne Duvenage, CEO of OUTA provides an update on the organisation’s recent victories.
  • Lizette Volkwyn is considered to be one of South Africa’s leading human lie detectors and she shares the details of her latest workshop ‘I Can See You Lie’.
  • Actress Kajal Bagwandeen talks about her latest movies ‘The Honeymoon’ in cinemas now.
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The Sandton Times Hour is the go-to weekly digest on greater Sandton including fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment and so much more beyond the borders of greater Sandton. The radio show and podcast has been selected by Feedspot panellists at #15 on a ranking of Top 40 South Africa Podcasts on the web for 2023. In this week’s episode [Edition 109 | Week 15] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:



Brad Binder, the fastest South African on two wheels, and Checkers Sixty60, the nation’s quickest grocery delivery service, joined up to make a young athlete’s dream come true.


Oratilwe Phiri, 14, a gifted young South African superbike racer, has been competing since he was just 5 years old under the tutelage of his father. This dedicated athlete, who was raised in Gauteng’s West Rand, hopes to win the MotoGP world championship. Ora may very well be on his way to the podium of his dreams given that he has already won more than 62 podiums and that the local MotoGP is now squarely focused on him.


After watching a video in which Ora described Brad Binder, South African MotoGP motorcycle racer well-known for becoming the first South African to win a MotoGP World Championship, as his ultimate hero, the Sixty60 team collaborated with Brad, Ora’s parents and a production crew to deliver a young athlete’s dream. Sixty60 has undertaken to support Ora in his quest to become a world champion. The road ahead is bright, and the sporting talent in South Africa continues to deliver.



Sandton Times Hour
OUTA’s case challenging the state of disaster was filed in the Pretoria High Court on 16 February (see here), as an application to review and overturn the decisions. Image: OUTA

The state is withdrawing the national state of disaster in response to OUTA’s legal action challenging its rationality.


OUTA was formally notified of the withdrawal in the State Attorney’s written response on Wednesday as part of OUTA’s legal action to review and overturn the decisions to declare the state of disaster. The State Attorney has offered to pay OUTA’s wasted court costs in the case.


The State Attorney’s letter comes while OUTA was waiting for the state’s answering affidavits, which were overdue. The matter was due for a case management meeting with the judge on April 12, at which OUTA planned to ask for an expedited court date for the hearing. The State Attorney said that this would make OUTA’s application moot, asked OUTA to withdraw it and proposed a joint letter to the court to confirm this. OUTA believes the electricity shortage is a crisis but brought the case over concerns that the disaster regulations would be used to enable corruption, while existing law could be used to manage the crisis.


The respondents included the President, the head of the National Disaster Management Centre, three ministers and Eskom. OUTA’s application said the electricity supply crisis had been created by dysfunctional government over years and laws already existed to enable urgent action to address it. As part of this action, the state had to provide OUTA with the records relating to the decisions. OUTA subsequently filed court papers referencing those records and pointing out that the disaster was declared without any evidence to back it up.


Government’s own records show that those consulted by government did not support the declaration of a national state of disaster on the electricity supply crisis but believed that the electricity crisis could be managed through existing national legislation, and the records do not explain why a state of disaster was declared, said OUTA in those papers.


Also, Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana withdrew the exemption granted to Eskom from complying with part of the Public Finance Management Act, limiting transparency on irregular, wasteful and fruitless expenditure in the entity’s annual financial statements. OUTA CEO Wayne Duvenage says both these decisions are big wins for civil society.


To donate to OUTA, visit the website.


‘I CAN SEE YOU LIE’ With Leading Human Lie Detector Lizette Volkwyn

Sandton Times Hour
Lizette is a Jill of all trades who, following a corporate career spanning more than two decades, decided to follow her passion and launch her own consultancy. Image: Lizette Volkwyn

Hosted by one of South Africa’s leading human lie detectors, Lizette Volkwyn, with guest speaker Marcus Coetzee – they are the only two certified PEI human lie detectors in the country – I CAN SEE YOU LIE will teach attendees to control their emotions, identify lies, and improve their overall communication by sharing the basic principles of lie detection.


However, the workshop is not just about uncovering lies. By delving deep into topics such as cognitive interviewing, micro expressions, and how to detect a lie, this workshop teaches vitals skills such as recognising deception in others, helping people to avoid being taken advantage of or misled.


This is the second workshop of its kind by the lie detecting duo – the first was sold out in weeks and received positive feedback and rave reviews from several attendees. The workshop will take place at the Centurion Golf Club Country Estate on June 2 and 3, 2023 and is open to anyone looking to improve their personal or professional communication skills.


Initially qualifying as a Master Life Coach, Lizette decided to undergo the rigorous training involved in becoming a human lie detector – her course comprised 29 candidates from 27 countries, 24 of whom were from intelligence agencies – to enable her to better understand her clients.


In addition to her work as a human lie detector, Lizette offers personal life coaching, sales, leadership and communication training, self-discovery workshops, group coaching, and online marketing training. She is also a published author and international keynote speaker who has shared the stage with thought leaders such as Robin Banks, Russell Fox, and Justin Cohen. Additionally, she is a regular guest on national radio stations, magazines, and international podcasts.


The two-day I CAN SEE YOU LIE workshop costs R2’850 per person. Don’t miss this chance to learn from top experts in the field of deception detection and communication!


Book the two-day I CAN SEE YOU LIE workshop now on Howler.


THE HONEYMOON With Actress Kajal Bagwandeen

The Honeymoon tells the story of three best friends who jet off on an unexpected island holiday after one of them is left jilted by her fiancé the night before her wedding. After talented designer Katya’s months of planning for her big day are crushed, social media influencer Noks, drags and unwilling Kat and married mother-of-two Lu off to Zanzibar.


There the three friends find themselves having fun and raising hell: from quaffing cocktails on white sand beaches to partying until sunrise. Their honeymoon adventure is cut short when the secrets they have hidden and lies they have told themselves and each other are laid bare, leaving their friendship broken.


The film’s stars, media, celebrities, and guests gathered to celebrate the Bianca Isaac-directed film which stars Kajal Bagwandeen, Tumi Morake and Minnie Dlamini.


Starring alongside the movie’s leading ladies are actuary-turned-actor Tasveer Maharaj, who plays the role of Kat’s fiancé Vivaan, seasoned radio and television’s JJ Mathura as Kat’s loving but straight-talking mother, comedian Prev Reddy as Kat’s feisty assistant Frankie and Nay Maps as helicopter dad and Lu’s husband Andile. Stevel Marc, Nina Hastie, Robby Collins and Chris Jaftha also make an appearance in the film.


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