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Sandton Set To Welcome Leaders For 15th BRICS Summit This August

In a highly anticipated event, the 15th BRICS Summit is set to take place from 22 August to 24 August 2023, in Sandton.


  • The Sandton Convention Centre (SCC) will play host to this gathering of world leaders, highlighting the country’s pivotal role as the Chair of BRICS in 2023.
  • The summit’s theme for 2023 is ‘BRICS & Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Multilateralism’.
  • Comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, BRICS represents a formidable collective of emerging economies.
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With a shared commitment to fostering mutual growth and cooperation, the 15th BRICS Summit serves as a platform for leaders to engage with various business forums and mechanisms, including the BRICS Business Forum and the New Development Bank. This year’s summit will also witness South Africa’s outreach to leaders from Africa and the global South, solidifying its dedication to inclusive dialogue and diplomacy.


While the BRICS Summit itself is an exclusive meeting for Heads of State and Government, the broader business community can actively participate through an array of associated events. A comprehensive business program, culminating in the BRICS Business Forum, provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, and engagement.


Businesses interested in participating can explore avenues via the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, the Department of Small Business Development, the South African Chapter of the BRICS Business Council, and the South African Chapter of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance.


The Sandton Convention Centre, a renowned venue for major international events, is poised to facilitate this high-profile summit. Over the course of three days, leaders will convene to discuss key global issues, economic cooperation, and regional strategies, with several other invited Heads of State from Africa contributing to the dialogue.


15th BRICS Summit
Speaker’s Corners, including the Old Library Parking, Sandton Central Park, and Innesfree Park, will serve as platforms for public discourse and engagement. Image: Sandton Central

To accommodate the influx of delegates and ensure a seamless summit, certain logistical measures are being put in place. While no special permits are required to access the precinct during the summit, a visible police presence will be established from 20 August 2023 as delegates arrive. Many hotels in Sandton will be exclusively reserved for BRICS delegates, and traffic disruptions in the vicinity of the Sandton Convention Centre, due to road closures, are expected.


Traffic management is a key consideration during such gatherings and for the duration of the summit, specific roads surrounding the Sandton Convention Centre, such as Maude Street, West Street, Alice Lane, and Fifth Street, will experience partial closures. Maude Street between West and Fifth Street will be designated as one-way to facilitate access, while the lanes closest to the Sandton Convention Centre on West Street, Alice Lane, and Fifth Street will be closed for BRICS. Dual carriageways will be introduced on the opposite sides of these roads to ensure smooth traffic flow.


15th BRICS Summit
Specific roads surrounding the Sandton Convention Centre will see traffic management in place for the duration of the summit. Image: Sandton Central

Moreover, a “search-and-go” area will be established at George Lea Park, located at the corner of William Nicol and Sandton Drive, to serve as a security checkpoint. The precinct will maintain open communication with the community and collaborate with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) to ensure effective security measures.


As the countdown to the 15th BRICS Summit continues, excitement and anticipation are building in Sandton and beyond. The event not only highlights South Africa’s leadership within the BRICS framework but also underscores the importance of international cooperation and collaboration in addressing global challenges. With an extensive business program and a focus on inclusive dialogue, the summit promises to pave the way for accelerated growth, sustainable development, and inclusive multilateralism on a global scale.


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