A week ahead of the local government elections, residents, businesses and visitors will have to deal with rolling blackouts in Sandton as load-shedding returns into the weekend.


  • Due to a shortage of generation capacity, Stage 2 load-shedding was implemented from 9am today and will continue until 5am on Saturday.
  • Eskom anticipates returning Koeberg Unit 1 to service during the weekend.
  • Further updates will be communicated should there be any significant changes to the power system.
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With apologies and regrets galore from the power utility, the latest round of load-shedding has left Sandton streets dark, those working from home having to fork out more cash to remain connected and household routines reshuffled daily. While Eskom teams have successfully returned a unit each at the Kusile, Matimba, and Arnot power stations, further delays in returning other units to service have exacerbated the capacity constraints, hampering the ability to replenish the emergency generation reserves.


Eskom also expects to return five other units to service during the week. However, there are a number of generation units running with a risk of failure that cannot be attended to at the moment due to the current capacity constraints. Total breakdowns currently amount to 13’333MW while planned maintenance is 5’548MW of capacity. Eskom has requested the public to reduce the usage of electricity in order to aid in alleviating constraints.


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Sandton Times Correspondent

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