Sandton Fitness Guide: 5 Spots to Get You In Shape

In addition to being a fantastic place to work, Sandton is also a terrific area to exercise. Sandton is coming back to life, and as the warmer months beckon so too does the thought of getting back in shape.


  • There is no doubt, winter has gotten the better of most of us, but it’s time to get moving again.
  • Sandton offers those with a taste for fitness and exercise a wide variety of activities to get back into shape.
  • The Sandton Times has set out to curate a list of fitness idea starters to get you over the starting line.
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Whilst ‘Working Out from Home’ or WOFH hasn’t really been as glamorous as expected, greater Sandton has a line-up of incredible spaces to shape up your body, from clubs to studios to gyms, HIIT classes and equipment to break a sweat! And there’s something for everyone, from premium to competitively priced, intense to leisurely, high-impact or free flowing, either for the solo exerciser or group class fan.


Join Team Vitality

Join the Team Vitality Running or Cycling communities on Strava and get access to Team Vitality challenges, training tips and tricks and exclusive rewards. Image: Team Vitality

Love to run or cycle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Team Vitality celebrates everything about getting active and is South Africa’s most rewarding running and cycling club, which gives you access to regular events, the latest trends, a leader board to celebrate personal bests, plus tips, training programmes and insights from our expert club manager and a personal support group.


Join today and enjoy:

  • Premium running and cycling race kit.
  • 50% cash back on entry fees for top races.
  • Delicious Woolworths snacks, fruit and that much needed chocolate milk post-race, along with a warm sense of community as part of our VIP hospitality – priceless.
  • 50% off your Strava subscription.


The best part: Team Vitality Champions in your area and Club Manager inspire and motivate you to keep moving, with planned weekly runs or rides for you to join. And that’s just the starting line.


Check out our Team Vitality Running group or Team Vitality Cycling group on Facebook.


Try Out CrossFit Ex Animo

Each CrossFit affiliate is different – this one is about the heart and creating a fit community. Image: CrossFit Ex Animo

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything it’s that our health is important. CrossFit Ex Animo – meaning fitness from the heart – is a functional fitness facility at The Valley Shopping Centre in Craighall, Sandton. For the past eight-years they’ve offered fun and effective group exercise classes in a friendly and welcoming environment.


The high-intensity-training is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and their highly experienced coaches and trainers personalise classes from warm-ups and workouts to cool-downs and stretching. They also offer Pilates, weightlifting, Olympic lifting, and there’s a coffee and smoothie bar as an added bonus. CrossFit is popular the world over as it’s the most broad-based fitness and everybody from sportsman to your bored gym-goer looking to spice things up, can do it.


There’s a reason people joke it’s like a cult – because of the tight-knit community CrossFit creates – the only thing they burn though, are calories. CrossFit Ex Animo strives to make your session the best hour of your day. They want you to see your health as an investment and to give you the tools to grow your investment so you can reap the long term benefits.


If you are just starting, you first class is free. For more information, visit the CrossFit Ex Animo website.


Go For A Parkrun
Every Saturday morning, more than 2,000 locations across more than 23 countries and five continents host Parkrun, a collection of 5-kilometer races for walkers, runners, and volunteers.


There is no time limit and no one finishes last at parkrun, which is a positive, friendly, and inclusive experience. Everyone is invited to participate, whether they like to walk, jog, run, volunteer, or simply watch.


There are numerous Parkrun events, every Saturday at 7:45am, in and around Sandton, including:

  • Riverside Park (opposite the Riverside Shopping Centre), Bryanston
  • The Woodlands Office Park, Woodlands
  • Ernest Ullman Park, Wendywood
  • Winston RidgePpark, Atholl
  • Delta Environment Centre, Delta Park


Registration is absolutely free and only needs to be done once! For more information, visit the Parkrun website.


Play A Game At Discovery Soccer Park

A state of the art five-a-side football facility at Sandton Sports Club in Sandton. Image: Discovery Soccer Park

Discovery Soccer Park is a state of the art soccer facility and is considered the Johannesburg home of the popular ‘scaled-down’ five-a-side version of the game.


As it stands it is the only one of its kind in South Africa and arguably the finest in the world. Situated at the prime location at Sandton Sports Club in Sandton with easy highway access and secure parking, this five-a-side facility has been precision built to deliver in all-weather, a professional soccer stadium peak performance player experience for any level of skill.


Facilities include:

  • Luxury Change Rooms With Separate Showers (Men’s & Women’s).
  • Generator In Case Of Power Outages.
  • FIFA’s Highest Rated Astro From Italy.
  • Event & Conferencing Capabilities.
  • Fully Equipped Bars & Kitchens.
  • Kids Birthday Party Venues.


Enquire for payment and league winners discounts. For more information, visit the Discovery Soccer Park website.


Visit The Sandton Central Parks
Of course, Sandton Central has become more pedestrian and bike friendly in recent years if you choose to stroll or jog the pavements.


If you’re tired of being locked into 24-month gym contracts or being strapped into a bodysuits for exercise, there are many outdoor options in and around Sandton, that’ll give you a fresh air boost. The benefits of being outside and breathing in fresh air when taking a stroll or jog in some of the beautiful spaces are not only excellent for improving your fitness but will also enhance your general health. Fresh air enhances your immune system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, improves indigestion, and helps you feel more energised.


With an interactive children’s play area, an earth garden, paths, a coffee spot and a duck pond with free entrance, Mushroom Farm Park in the heart of Sandton is an ideal location to experience nature in a safe and spacious setting.


For the many individuals that live, work, exercise, and visit Sandton every day, it offers an amazing setting if you want to get your heart rate up and concentrate on your health and fitness.


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