Sandton As The Epicentre Of Conferencing And Events Flourishes

Sandton Central, South Africa’s bustling business and lifestyle hub, is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in event and conference bookings, cementing its status as a premier destination.


  • The successful hosting of the 2023 BRICS Summit has played a pivotal role in this revival, showcasing the precinct’s world-class facilities.
  • State-of-the-art conference venues and luxury hotels, that collectively offer a unique experience to both local and international visitors, make Sandton a popular choice.
  • With world-class facilities, strategic positioning, and a community dedicated to maintaining its vibrancy, Sandton Central continues to shine as a beacon of success in South Africa.
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With events making a gradual comeback, local and international companies are increasingly turning to Sandton Central as their area of choice.

Our local convention centre bookings are picking up considerably. While smaller internal corporate events are navigating the changes brought by work-from-home trends, our exhibition space is witnessing increased interest. Attendance at these events is impressive, with a positive forecast, especially moving into 2024.

// General Manager of the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), Shaun Bird


The Sandton Sun and Sandton Intercontinental hotels, iconic landmarks within the precinct, have also contributed significantly to its allure. These hotels have become the preferred choice for local and international sports teams, often hosting the Springboks and Proteas.

Such events, particularly on an international scale, have extremely long lead times, sometimes stretching to three to five years. We’re optimistic about a rise in these bookings from mid-2024 and anticipate a return to pre-COVID levels by 2026, assuming all remains constant politically and economically.

// General Manager of the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), Shaun Bird


The resurgence of Sandton Central and its increasing popularity for local and international conferences and conventions underscores its resilience and the collaborative efforts of its community. Image: The Sandton Times

The SCC’s strategic location within Sandton Central positions it as an ideal host for successful events of any scale.

The Sandton Convention Centre stands out thanks to top infrastructure within walking distance. With direct Gautrain access and proximity to premier hotels, hosting at the SCC is convenient and cost-effective. Plus, its location near top shopping centers offers delegates so much more than just a business experience.

// General Manager of the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC), Shaun Bird

Elaine Jack, CID manager of the Sandton Central Management District, underscores the precinct’s commitment to providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for conducting business.

We are encouraged and motivated that the buzz is back in the precinct, and we endeavor to deliver and welcome our visitors back into Sandton Central.

// Precinct Manager of the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


Among these efforts, the ongoing Traffic Signal Secondary Power program has gained momentum, as leading corporations actively adopt intersections within Sandton Central to ensure traffic lights remain operational during load shedding. Sandton Central’s post-BRICS Summit resurgence as a leading conference and events destination exemplifies its commitment to excellence and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of business and hospitality.


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