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Sandton City Donates Stationery To Alexandra Community

Sandton City has walked a long road with the Rays of Hope non-profit organisation, that works to provide upliftment in the nearby Alexandra community. Most recently, the mall ran a school stationery collection project, so that youth in this area could be equipped for the school year ahead.


  • Alexandra is home to approximately 1-million people living in 8km2 on the edge of greater Sandton.
  • Rays of Hope is a non-profit organisation that has been partnering with the community of Alexandra township for over 31 years.
  • Sandton City Shopping Centre is renowned amongst both local and international visitors as one of Africa’s leading retail destinations.
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By allocating its own resources, rallying tenants and asking shoppers to contribute, Sandton City was able to donate 400 sets of stationery donated by BIC Stationery, 400 drawstring bags, as well as a selection of uniforms to the learners at the Rose-Act Saturday school, run by Rays of Hope. Here, learners are provided with extra maths and English tuition to complement their school curriculum and to help them master these sometimes-tricky subjects.


Sandton City
At the recent handover, the shopping centre’s team spent the morning with the Rose-Act staff and learners, who were also treated to lunch and snacks after the handover took place. Image: Sandton City

The value of education in setting children up for life cannot be underestimated, and we all have a role to play. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they received these items, that we hope will add a layer of enthusiasm and confidence as they approach the coming school year.

// General Manager of Sandton City, Dimitri Kokinos


Sandton City’s support to Rays of Hope has included donating funds towards the construction of an early childhood development centre, providing meal packs during lockdown and showcasing the works of local designers, under the support of the organisation, in the centre.


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