Construction Of Sandton BRT Stations Coming Soon

After little to no movement at the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) stations in Sandton, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) is all of a sudden recommencing the planned project in October 2022, on behalf of the City of Johannesburg (COJ) Transport department in Rivonia Road.


  • The stations will be between Sandton Drive and Katherine Street intersection south and Fifth Street on the north.
  • The project will involve relocation of existing services, widening roadworks and a median station building when the roadworks has been advanced.
  • The initial part of the project includes road widening in sections of the affected road for a 5 to 6 month period.
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Katherine Street in Sandton has been home to parts of the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system for years, having been initially erected and then seemingly left to gather dust. Now, the BRT project is seemingly coming back to life, with an announcement of further construction.


The project involves the erection of the BRT Station building in the road median with two station modules like the one in Katherine Street, ss well as at designated intervals along the BRT route that goes through the Wynberg, Balfour, Orange Grove and Berea area – then back to the Johannesburg CBD.


The site handover to the Main Contractor will initially focus on relocation of services in the road median and sidewalks – including water, electrical, gas lines and fibre optic cables. The service providers in the Sandton area have been informed about the upcoming construction activity, according to the JDA. Similar information has been shared with affected property owners along the construction site since the planning stages.


Location road layout: Rivonia Road between Sandton Drive, Katherine Street intersection and Fifth Street in Sandton. Image: Bus Rapid Transport (BRT)

JDA has also advised that there will be designated traffic accommodation in place from the commencement of construction and throughout the site activity, to protect and maintain a safe passage of traffic within the remaining part of the affected area, as well as pedestrians’ thoroughfare.


The new stations will have dedicated BRT bus docking and bypass lanes in the road median on either side of the station and two outer mixed traffic lanes to maintain traffic around the station and pedestrian crossing to and from Sandton City.


The overall project of the Sandton stations is scheduled for a total of 15-months, with the JDA managing all contractors, professional teams (traffic and environmental services), start dates and deliverables based on the scope of work. As Sandton is the economic hub of Johannesburg, the project team intends to form a project steering committee to include contractors, City representatives and various Sandton stakeholder formations, as part of the process.


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