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Pick n Pay Clothing Reopens Flagship Store In Sandton City

Pick n Pay Clothing, the value clothing retailer, has once again captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts with the grand reopening of its flagship store in Sandton City.


  • Pick n Pay Clothing is available in 21 hypermarkets, 149 supermarkets and 333 stand-alone stores.
  • Stores are also becoming more accessible as Pick n Pay Clothing aims to open another 60 stores in the coming year.
  • Womenswear has traditionally underpinned the format’s success, however Pick n Pay Clothing is also gaining solid traction in childrenswear and menswear.
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The new Pick n Pay Clothing store design not only showcases an upmarket aesthetic but also pays homage to Johannesburg’s rich history, seamlessly blending the city’s heritage with its aspirations for a greener future.


The store interior is adorned with gold-toned accents, including captivating gold-inspired tiles. Amidst this premium look, the store integrates live plants, trees, and wall-to-ceiling green walls, mirroring the city’s verdant forest landscape. The result is an immersive shopping experience that eloquently bridges the past with a sustainable vision for the future.


Pick n Pay Clothing is looks to create a distinctive shopping environment in key high-traffic locations, fostering relatability with its diverse clientele. The Sandton flagship is a prime example of this strategy, and the next store set to embrace this transformation is the Gateway location in Kwazulu-Natal.


Pick n Pay Clothing
The redesign of the Sandton store also aligns with Pick n Pay Clothing’s commitment to sustainability, holding a prestigious five-star Green Building Council of South Africa certification. Image: Pick n Pay Clothing

In a ground-breaking achievement last year, the brand became the first clothing retailer to be bestowed with a four-star rating for its interior design. Among the new sustainable features, the store boasts dimmable LED lighting and table tops crafted from locally recycled clothing and hangers.


As the evening of the reopening unfolded, an exclusive fashion show unveiled the latest collaboration collection: Thando Ntuli x Kiav x Pick n Pay Clothing. In a dynamic industry where trends are constantly evolving, Pick n Pay Clothing has adeptly positioned itself as a hub for style and innovation. The brand’s ability to reinterpret global fashion trends for its local clientele, combined with strategic collaborations with emerging designers, has led to consistently sold-out designer collections.


Ten of these coveted limited-edition collaborations have already graced the shelves, with four more slated to launch over the next quarter. The menswear collection, in particular, has been expanded to meet the rising demand for affordable workwear, with a diverse range of shirts and pants that cater to professional needs without compromising style.


Pick n Pay Clothing
With each strategic move, Pick n Pay Clothing solidifies its foothold in the industry, progressively gaining market share. Image: Pick n Pay Clothing

The brand’s adaptability in responding to evolving trends and customer preferences, while upholding its core values as a retailer for the entire family, has been a driving force behind its continued success.

Our clothing – whether a daily essential item or a more fashionable piece – remains affordable for our diverse customer base. Delivering value will always be our commitment to customers.

// General Manager for Pick n Pay Clothing, Hazel Pillay


The reopening of Pick n Pay Clothing’s Sandton flagship store marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey towards becoming a formidable force in the fashion retail landscape.


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