Nipple Caps & G-Strings

NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS Returns To The Lollipop Lounge

For those looking to warm up those cold winter evenings, NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS a fun, no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it is rendition of the life of a stripper, returns, performed by owner of the Lollipop Lounge, Gigi.


  • NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS is both a theatrical performance and bare-all memoir drenched in hilarious humour, seductive charm, and in-your-face honesty.
  • Set in the Lollipop Lounge, the naked truth about life behind the satin curtains of the exotic industry could not be more realistic.
  • As the mysterious veil of obscurity and ignorance is pushed aside, the life of a stripper is brought to life in this enticing and interactive show.
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She was born Perlé van Schalkwyk into a strict Jehovah Witness family, but after having studied drama at Stellenbosch University, Perlé quickly realised that acting was not going to buy her that house on the hill. And so erotic dancing or stripping beckoned, and so Gigi was born. Tales of drugs, murder and porn are just some of the gripping topics of her fascinating life, along with stories of courage, surviving and cunning in the sexist underworld, making for a titillating and inspiring story. She’s certainly quite the leading lady for a show that’s about revealing all.


Nipple Caps & G-Strings
Get ready to laugh, love and learn as Gigi takes to the stage to reveal more than just a bit of skin in ‘Nipple Caps & G-Strings’. Image: The Lollipop Lounge

In NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS, Gigi introduces audiences to what really goes on in strip-clubs – and what goes on in the mind of the stripper. The show explores desire, in both men and women, and how the myriad forms of love, relationships, marriage and sex fit into all of this. But get ready – NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS features a live lap dance demonstration on a male audience member (which most volunteer quite happily for) much to the amusement of everyone else watching.


And the female members of the audience are not left out of the action. Gigi encourages a few of them up onto stage (also all completely voluntary) for their crash course in erotic dancing (fully clothed, of course) to really give the men in their lives a serious alternative to a regular night in front of the television.


Written by Deon Opperman, the show premiered at the Aardklop National Arts Festival in Potchefstroom back in 2003 where it was sold out before it opened. Extra seats had to be brought in and security was employed at the doors to control the crowds who took a chance at getting tickets at the door. Since then this sensational show has toured to all the major festivals, and has played in many towns across the country and has been seen by over 20’000+ people.


Nipple Caps & G-Strings
Emerged in the Lollipop Lounge, audiences get a first hand account of the life of a stripper in a strip club. Image: The Lollipop Lounge

NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS is a sexy, humorous, sometimes serious but extremely relevant show that has been enjoyed by both male and female audiences alike. It is presented in an extremely tasteful and charming way, that every couple should see together. In fact the show has historically played to audiences that have been a 50/50 split between male and female patrons, the majority of them couples.


A show enjoyed by both men and women, NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS is popular for a couples date night, a bachelor or bachelorette party or groups of friends, out to discover the naked truth of what really goes on when the lingerie comes off.


Only staged once a month, there is a limited number of dates available in 2022:

  • NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS July 7, 2022
  • NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS August 4, 2022


Performances take place at the Lollipop Lounge in Randburg and tickets are R200 per person. To book visit WebTickets.


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