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December Destination Cape Town: La Colombe Makes World’s 50 Best

There are few restaurants in South Africa that can truly deliver a slice of theatre and an array of incredible dishes packaged into one service. La Colombe does all this and more.


  • La Colombe ranked on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna.
  • Our tip: allow for 3-4 hours to fully enjoy the full La Colombe menu experience.
  • Dishes on the La Colombe menu regularly change to even enchant the most frequent patrons.
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The Sandton Times headed to Cape Town, fondly referred to as ‘The Mother City’ ahead of the December rush to explore some of the most desired restaurants and hotels, to get a first-hand experience of what visitors can expect when planning their Summer holiday. With a Ford Ranger XL Sport packed, the 10-day trip provided an insight into the best Cape Town has to offer travelers as the year draws to an end.


La Colombe
Nestled at the top of a hill on the Silvermist Wine Estate, La Colombe ranks equally as high on the gastronomic charts. Image: The Sandton Times

Nestled in the hills of Constantia, La Colombe takes The Sandton Times on a lunchtime drive to the performance of the year, orchestrated by head chef James Gaag. As many in the hospitality industry can attest to, the past 18-months have not been the most favourable, and yet, it is momentous for La Colombe to celebrate not only business success but also international recognition once more.


Nothing can quite prepare us for what a luncheon at La Colombe has in store, and yet, we walked away having enjoyed one of the most memorable meals or rather, a gastronomic performance.


La Colombe
Just one of the many marvelous, theatrical experiences at La Colombe, evoking a moment of childhood wonder. Image: The Sandton Times

To say the dishes are enchanting, exciting, and outstanding is a given, matched only by the attentive, unassuming waiter service which completes the total experience. As major enthusiasts of sparkling water, we’re thrilled to discover that La Colombe filters its own mountain water and carbonates this on-site, using special glasses to make sure, we never run empty.


It’s the visual charm of the dishes at La Colombe that makes it such an adventure and what better way to illustrate our experience than through a series of photos:


La Colombe
A welcome note from the kitchen and the start of a fairytale series of courses – ‘The Doves Nest’ is not what it seems. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
A forest forage – truffled cherry parfait, sweet potato bread, Malay-style snoek, and beetroot tartare. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
A drop of magic as the smoked tomato, aubergine, and pine nut dish is presented. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
Hidden surprises in a burnt passion fruit with a curry. Archaeologically appetizing. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
Beautifully plated petit poussin, tiger prawn, and miso corn. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
Delicious and decadent – gnocchi, spiced apple, and blue cheese. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
Roasted pear and oat crackers served with a miniature cheese wheel, selected from a cheese chest. Image: The Sandton Times


La Colombe
Honey-inspired dessert presented in a modular hive – bee-utiful! Image: The Sandton Times

A visit to La Colombe is a leisurely indulgence for those who enjoy their food to be equally dramatic as it is beautifully prepared, with the final course being one you’ll need to discover for yourself. Having returned at position 81 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 50-100 list is not a given, yet a well-deserved ranking for this South African treasure.


La Colombe is a dining destination not to be missed when visiting Cape Town, be it for a business meeting, special occasion, or a piece of theatre, beautifully packaged in a series of mouth-watering dishes.


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