Is F1 Coming To Kyalami? It Might.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali reportedly flew into Sandton this week to discuss the possibility of hosting the Grand Prix in South Africa in 2023.


  • It’s been almost 30-years since South Africa last hosted an F1 race.
  • Seven World Drivers’ Championship title holder Lewis Hamilton has been advocating for South Africa to return to the F1 calendar.
  • With some long-standing races up for renewal next year and others having dropped off, there could be no better time for South Africa to be included.
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“It’s Lights Out…” is an all too familiar phrase in South Africa, but not relating to motorsport. Yet, if all goes according to years of negotiating and planning, this iconic F1 line could be coming to our shores.


Having left Baku straight after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on route to South Africa to meet with key stakeholders, Domenicali could potentially unlock a race on the last continent (apart from Antarctica) that isn’t on the annual race line-up. Kyalami Circuit just outside of Sandton, could finally bring the F1 Grand Prix to Africa.



Whilst speculation is rife, Kyalami hosted its last F1 race in the early 90’s and bringing it back to home soil has been an ongoing discussion for years. Making this motorsport dream happen, will still take some time, mostly to get the numbers right, as hosting an F1 Grand Prix is not a cheap exercise, even at the best of times.


The Heineken F1 Joburg Festival was scheduled to be hosted in Sandton on 29 March 2020, but due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent global lockdowns, the event was cancelled.


No official statement has been made as yet by either the FIA or Kyalami Circuit management.


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