IKI Bar & Restaurant Opens In Rosebank

IKI, the new restaurant and bar situated in The Zone, offers a blend of eclectic Japanese flavours and Johannesburg energy.


  • Rosebank launches Joburg’s summer months of socials, splurges and merry making with a taste of Tokyo.
  • The bar promises to bring a colourful burst of energy to the Rosebank precinct and will cater to businesses and socialites alike.
  • ‘Iki’ is a Japanese aesthetic that roughly translates into ‘effortlessly chic and classy’.
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The Sandton Times joined a select group of media and celebrities at the opening of IKI Bar & Restaurant in Rosebank, which serves up unassuming simplicity that encompasses spontaneity and originality. With an abundance of tasty sushi along with mouth-watering alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, the relaxed evening provided a taste of what to expect from this new dining destination.

IKI is about vibrancy and good energy. This is the place to come to when you want to experience something different; when you want to step out of the ordinary and leave airs and graces behind.

// IKI Co-Founder, Deelan Moodaley


IKI specially curated Japanese-style cocktails have been designed by industry-leading mixologists. Image: IKI Bar & Restaurant

The menu is a variety of sushi offerings, ramen, and dim sum, but it is the cocktail list that sets IKI apart. They incorporate Japanese flavours and spirits with traditional favourites, offering fresh options for the beverage enthusiast.


Model and media personality Shashi Naidoo at the launch of IKI. Image: IKI Bar & Restaurant

IKI is open seven days a week, from 12-Noon into the late evening. It provides free Wi-Fi and caters for business lunches or meetings. It boasts the longest LED screen in the country, making it the perfect spot for corporate functions and events. In the evenings and on weekends, DJs will take to the booth and the bar will be transformed by new playlists and lights. IKI will host a blend of social events such as karaoke evenings, old-school R&B nights, and the large LED screen will always be on during sporting events.


The founders, Deelan Moodaley, Clyde Ackerman, and Rael Lasarow are looking forward to the energy upswing that IKI will bring to the area. Image: IKI Bar & Restaurant

From Japanese tea to Japanese cocktails, IKI can offer it all. We plan on being associated with effortless, classy fun!

// IKI Co-Founder, Deelan Moodaley


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