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Slip Your Flip Flops On For CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

It’s that time again when casual Friday’s include stretching those toes with CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation’s annual Flip Flop Day on February 17.


  • Get ready to flip on those flops for a worthy cause for as little as R10.
  • Cancer is considered to be the second greatest cause of death worldwide.
  • CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation looks to prescribe HOPE as the medicine for all diseases.
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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation brought together stakeholders and media at the Sandton Sun & Towers hotel to launch the 4th Annual Flip Flop Day to raise much needed funds. As Hedley Lewis, CEO of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation pointed out at the launch, in some way or form, each and every single person is affected by childhood cancer. While it may not affect you directly in some cases – it could be someone close to you – a beloved family member or the child of a close friend or colleague.


But they’re never alone – these courageous soldiers will always have the support, love and strength from those around them, even if it’s through a donation from a stranger who they will never meet. CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa is an advocate for the fight against this life-threatening illness – offering psychosocial, emotional and patient facing support to families and children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer.

Your small donation will make the biggest difference in the lives of these valiant little ones and their families. You may think your R10 is unimportant, that it cannot make an impact. With your R10, you are not only helping CHOC fund their Core Programmes, but you’ll also be giving the gift of hope, solidarity and support to anyone and everyone fighting against cancer.

// CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation CEO, Hedley Lewis


Flip Flop
Taryn Seegers (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation) with Flip Flop Day partners Deon Conradie (Tekkie Town) and Chantelle Fritz (PNA). Image: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

One such beneficiary is Nontobeko Dlakavu and her son, Owami, who were Guests of Honour at the Flip Flop Day launch. There was not a dry eye in the house as single mother Nontobeko shared the story of her son who had been affected by cancer. Owami was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 11 in November 2021, and received invaluable support from CHOC in the form of accommodation and transport, making his journey of childhood cancer a little easier. The guests, made up of media, well-known faces and stakeholders, were touched to hear that Owami now only has one bout of chemotherapy remaining.


This is just one of many similar stories that can fill your heart with hope as you support this worthy initiative in aid of the essential work CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa does! Made up of passionate, caring, committed and dedicated staff and volunteers, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation’s one goal is simple – to save lives through early detection, and to enable us all to stand up, stand strong and stand together to support these fearless little warriors.


And so, Flip Flop Day and Flippie have stepped up to the forefront to get every South African – young or old, the corporate or casual, the beach-side dweller or the city slicker – to get up and literally wear their heart on their soles on February 17. As the needs of the children, teenagers and their families increase and the desire to enhance the augmentation of the medical fraternity treatment continues, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation are aiming to raise even more than the R2-million mark last year.


Flip Flop
Storm Makanza of the Sandton Sun & Towers with CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation CEO, Hedley Lewis. Image: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

There is also an incredible competition! Post your Flip Flop photo online with a purchased sticker and participants have the chance to win a return flight within South Africa with FlySafair. The Courier Guy has recently partnered with CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation to take off the pressure of courier fees for all stickers that are bought online, providing the delivery service at no cost.


Supporters can get their sticker for only R10 at their nearest PNA, Tekkie Town, or by visiting the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation website or popping into their nearest CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation regional office.


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