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Ready To Respond: Fidelity ADT Offers An Integrated And Technology Driven Approach

Fidelity ADT maintains its market-leading position through a commitment to excellence, a hands-on management approach, discipline, ongoing training, and an aggressively proactive approach to staying at the forefront of all trends and technological developments in the continually evolving security environment.


  • Fidelity ADT is Southern Africa’s largest private security and integrated solutions provider with a nationwide footprint.
  • The company provides customised security solutions to a broad base of customers.
  • This integrated approach to security gives you peace of mind at home, at work, on the road, and almost anywhere in between.
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From standard residential and commercial alarm systems to integrated fire, security, and AI-powered technologies and vehicle telematics, Fidelity ADT provide customised security solutions to a broad base of customers. Our community solutions are powered by state-of-the-art technology including facial recognition software, vehicle license disc, and plate scanning, microphonic sensors, touch fingerprint recognition, infrared cameras, drone surveillance, tactical air support, and much more.


By embracing technology and a holistic and integrated approach to security the company has expanded while staying small and true to its roots by further enhancing its local presence. The company has made significant investments into the communities they serve by opening new localised branches, erecting camera poles, and supplying significant financial support to communities through additional vehicles, patrols, and guarding solutions to grow the security offering in these communities.


Further to this the company also offers vehicle telematics and tracking technology in the palm of your hand through their innovative and AI-powered SecureDrive solution and smartphone application. SecureDrive provides near real-time vehicle tracking and updates including tamper alerts and valuable insights on route and fuel usage to name a few.


For more information or to sign up please feel free to contact our head office on 086 12 12 400 or visit our website.


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