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New Emergency Response Makes Sandton Central Even Safer

Sandton Central Management District, which manages the public spaces of South Africa’s cosmopolitan financial capital Sandton, has contracted Night Guard, its tactical partner, for emergency response services in the public areas of its precinct.


  • From 1 July, this valuable service was added to the top-quality amenities that Sandton Central Management District provides.
  • The partnership entails deploying a dedicated Intermediate Life Support (ILS) paramedic to emergencies on the streets of Sandton Central.
  • The service complements and builds on Sandton Central’s existing initiatives to ensure a safer neighbourhood and also comes with a firefighter on standby as part of the agreement.
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The service ties into Sandton Central’s state-of-the-art CCTV urban management system, which uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to specific events. When an incident is spotted – which could be anything from a broken traffic signal to a vehicle accident – it sends an alert to a central control room where staff take action.

This has several important advantages, the main one being a quick emergency response, whether to stabilise a victim of a road accident or assist those affected by other types of emergencies. The people and businesses of Sandton Central expect a quality experience in their urban environment, and rapid emergency medical response aligns with this expectation.

// Sandton Central District Improvement Manager, Elaine Jack


Because Sandton Central’s safety ambassadors, the Men in Red, and the tactical response team of Night Guard Security have a constant presence and vehicles based within Sandton Central, they are often first on the scene. Now, this first line of response will include the services of a dedicated, qualified emergency medic.


A multifaceted neighbourhood that is the commercial centre of South Africa, Sandton Central is home to three business improvement districts. Funded by the commercial property owners in the district, Sandton Central Management District aims to ensure the creation of an exceptional experience for the employee, visitor, tourist, shopper, property owner and resident of Sandton Central.


The Sandton Central neighbourhood is bound by Sandton Drive, Katherine Street, Wierda Road East and West, West Street, Rivonia Road and Grayston Drive.


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