Elite World Cup

Elite World Cup Unveiled In Sandton Ahead Of BRICS Summit

Gathered at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, a small audience of invited guests witnessed the announcement of a new electric hyper car competition – the Elite World Cup.


  • Established in 2023, the Elite World Cup is an international motorsport looking to host the world’s first electric hyper car world cup.
  • The pioneering racing championship, unveiled this week, hopes to shift the trajectory of motorsport, as South Africa and China come together to forge a new global competition.
  • This venture hopes to be an international showcase of premium performance, elite talent, and cutting-edge innovation, ushering in a new era in global racing.
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Ahead of the BRICS Summit, held in Sandton, the founding members of the Elite World Cup consortium, namely Tokyo Sexwale, Liu Yu, and Stephen Watson, lit up the stage with their vision for the first-ever electric hyper car World Cup, slated to launch in September 2024. Positioned as a new disruptor on the motorsport scene, the Elite World Cup aims to attract top-tier drivers with impressive profiles, supported by an advisory board that boasts extensive credentials in the motorsport arena.

We’ve named it the Elite Cup for a reason. We’re reaching out to experienced international racing car drivers who have excelled in F1, Indy Car, NASCAR, WRC, and other prestigious motorsport championships worldwide. We want drivers and teams that have demonstrated their prowess and represented their countries on prestigious global stages.

// Co-Founder of the Elite World Cup, Stephen Watson


Spanning continents, from the captivating racetracks of Europe to the bustling streets of Asia and Africa, and across the sprawling landscapes of the Americas, the Elite World Cup looks to challenge drivers and engineers to redefine the limits of speed, performance, and sustainability. Teams from around the globe will engage in 8-10 exhilarating World Cup race weekends, pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology to new heights.


The Elite World Cup is strategically scheduled to take place between September 2024 and March 2025, aligning with the traditional off-season period of the racing calendar. Among the many innovations powering the Elite World Cup, the Lotus Evija takes center stage as the preferred hyper car. The Lotus Evija epitomizes the pinnacle of electric vehicle engineering, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with breath-taking performance.


Already celebrated as a striking fusion of elegance and raw power, the Lotus holds a reputation as an exceptional road car. With over 2000 bhp and an acceleration from 0 to 300km/h in just over 9 seconds, the Lotus Evija is no stranger to those passionate about high-performance vehicles.


Elite World Cup
The Lotus Evija on display at Nelson Mandela Square is a limited-edition model, with supposedly only eight in existence to date. Image: Elite World Cup

Its captivating design, characterized by sleek lines and aerodynamic contours, embodies the fusion of form and function. Beneath its stunning exterior lies an all-electric powertrain that delivers astounding acceleration, exceptional handling, and an exhilarating driving experience that competitive drivers crave.


Unveiled against the backdrop of the iconic Nelson Mandela statue, Tokyo Sexwale, Stephen Watson, and Liu Yu took immense pride in showcasing the limited-edition Lotus Evija on the Elite World Cup stage. Tokyo Sexwale, recognized as the former A1 GP’s Team South Africa Seat Holder and a close confidant of Nelson Mandela, shared his pride in unveiling the Lotus Evija.

Nelson Mandela understood that sport has the power to unite nations, instil patriotism, and drive positive change. Launching the Elite World Cup on Nelson Mandela Square, beneath Madiba’s statue on the eve of the BRICS Summit, marks the beginning of an exciting new era.

// Co-Founder of the Elite World Cup, Tokyo Sexwale


As the motorsport industry embraces the transition to electric power, the Elite World Cup emerges as a harbinger of transformation. By fostering competition, collaboration, and breakthroughs in electric vehicle technology, this event will drive advancements that have far-reaching implications for the automotive industry and beyond.

We’ve managed Team China in several prestigious racing championships since our international debut in 2004. With the rapid growth of the electric car industry in China, we are thrilled and proud to be at the forefront of this Elite revolution in sports.

// Co-Founder of the Elite World Cup, Liu Yu


Elite World Cup
Founded by prominent entrepreneurs and motorsport aficionados Tokyo Sexwale, Liu Yu, and Stephen Watson, Elite enters the motorsport arena as a catalyst for change. Image: Elite World Cup

During the announcement event, a special video message was received from Emerson Fittipaldi, a two-time Formula 1 World Champion and Indy 500 winner. Fittipaldi, attending a motorsport gathering hosted by Lotus as part of the Monterey Car Week in Los Angeles, expressed his enthusiasm for the Elite World Cup.

What an exciting time, the beginning of the foundation of the Elite World Cup. This modern, full-electric car competition is the future. The idea of a GT World Cup featuring country racing against country is fantastic. I hope to have the Brazilian team on board.

// Two-Time Formula 1 World Champion and Indy 500 winner, Emerson Fittipaldi


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