Club Med Tinley

Club Med Tinley: First Club Med Resort Is Coming To South Africa In 2026

Club Med and the Collins Residential Consortium have announced the forthcoming launch of Club Med Tinley, the very first Club Med resort in the country.


  • This resort, a blend of beach and safari experiences, promises to redefine hospitality in South Africa.
  • This all-inclusive resort is poised to bring new dimensions to the region’s tourism landscape.
  • Club Med Tinley is all set to offer guests a memorable South African beach and bush experience and an opportunity to reconnect with nature and the wild.
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French-headquartered Club Med, known for competitively priced, family friendly, in all-inclusive beach and mountain holidays, has been offering getaway experiences around the world since 1950 and with more than 38 years’ operating in South Africa, the brand will now be touching down on the East Coast of South Africa with its very own resort: Club Med Tinley.


Club Med Tinley
Club Med Tinley Layout. Image: Craft of Architecture

Club Med boasts a portfolio of nearly 70 all-inclusive beach and mountain resorts across the globe. Each year, the brand introduces three to five new resort openings or renovations, continually trying to appeal to luxury travellers and families alike. Yet, it’s not just expansion that defines Club Med’s journey. The brand’s evolution is deeply rooted in its original philosophy of creating simple moments of happiness. In recent years, Club Med has undergone a transformation, striving to offer a more upscale, family-friendly, and eco-conscious experience. Drawing inspiration from its rich French heritage, Club Med is on a mission to revive its distinct personality as a choice all-inclusive destination, blending tradition with modernity for the ultimate travel adventure.



Nestled on the North Coast, often referred to as the ‘Dolphin Coast’, the new beach resort at Club Med Tinley looks to offer guests panoramic views of pristine beaches and coastal dunes with warm Indian Ocean waters. The resort’s interiors, entertainment, and culinary offerings will draw inspiration from the local climate and cultures of Southern Africa.


The strategic location of Club Med Tinley adds to its allure. Situated 30-minutes from King Shaka International Airport, this cosmopolitan haven will offer upmarket accommodation, leisure facilities, and pleasant weather all year-round. The resort to be an attractive destination for a majority of international visitors and local travellers. The destination will boast 342 Resort Premium Rooms and 64 Resort Exclusive Collection Rooms as well as a 500 seater Convention Centre.


Club Med Tinley
Club Med Tinley Village. Image: Craft of Architecture

The Resort Centre at Club Med Tinley will be a hub of activity, offering a shopping experience and gourmet food and beverages at the restaurant, bar, or wine corner. Expect daytime and evening entertainment, artistic performances, and live music that reflect the vibrancy of Southern African culture. On the other hand, the Exclusive Collection space will offer an oasis of tranquillity with a serene lounge area, a refined bar, a luxurious pool, and an extensive range of exclusive services.


For those who are more inclined toward active holidays, Club Med Tinley promises an array of land and water activities. From sailing and surfing to diving, snorkelling, and the very first Surf School at Club Med for both adults and kids, the resort is an adventure-seeker’s paradise. Land-based activities like padel tennis, beach rugby, beach volleyball, bocce ball, archery, and team building activities will also be available. Moreover, guests will be able to unwind at the wellness centre, indulge in spa treatments, attend fitness classes, or find tranquillity at the adult-only Zen pool and bar.


Club Med Tinley
Club Med Tinley Exclusive Collection Clubhouse Pool. Image: Craft of Architecture

But Club Med Tinley won’t just be about beachfront bliss; it hopes to offer something more. Guests will have the unique opportunity to stay at a Big-5 Game Reserve, located just 3.5 hours by road or a swift 40-minute flight from the resort. Here, an 80-room lodge, built to Club Med standards, will await guests for a dual beach and safari experience.


Club Med Tinley isn’t just a game-changer in the South African tourism landscape; it’s also a boon to the local economy. The project is anticipated to create over 800 direct jobs and an additional 1’500 indirect jobs, revitalizing the local economy. During the construction phase, approximately 1’200 workers will be employed, offering a significant boost to the job market.


Club Med Tinley
Club Med Tinley Exclusive Collection Clubhouse Spa. Image: Craft of Architecture

Financed by South African debt funders and equity partners, the investment in Club Med Tinley exceeds R2-billion through Tinley Leisure (Pty) Ltd. The construction timeline is estimated at 28-months, set to commence in early 2024, with the grand opening planned for around July 2026.


Sustainability promises to be a core tenet of this project. Club Med Tinley actively participates in the “Bye Bye Plastics” movement, reducing the use of plastic water bottles and single-use plastics in the resort. This commitment is in line with successful efforts in other Club Med resorts worldwide. Moreover, Club Med is dedicated to achieving food waste reduction across all its resorts by 2030.


Club Med Tinley
Club Med Tinley Exclusive Collection Clubhouse Exterior. Image: Craft of Architecture

Through a partnership with Agrisud, a non-profit organization, Club Med Tinley aims to empower and nurture local businesses within the resort’s supply chain. This collaboration seeks to create sustainable livelihoods and contribute to the well-being of the local community.


Club Med Tinley is set to bring a new flavour of travel to the South African tourism experience. With its unique blend of beach and safari adventures, commitment to sustainability, and impact on the local economy, it promises to bring a new world of hospitality to South Africa – one, that has sorely been missing.


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