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Cathay Pacific To Resume Flights To South Africa In Q3 Of 2023

Cathay Pacific will resume operations of its 3 non-stop weekly flights between South Africa and Hong Kong from August 2, 2023.


  • The service will provide South Africans and visitors with convenient and direct access to Hong Kong.
  • Flights will be schedule for Tuesday, Friday and Sunday between Johannesburg and Hong Kong.
  • The Cathay Pacific Group was the world’s 8th largest carrier of international passengers prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to IATA’s 2019 World Air Transport Statistics.
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Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific will be heading back to South Africa before the end of the year, providing a direct flight to one of Asia’s most popular cities as well as onward connections to major hubs in the region.

With the removal of travel restrictions into Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, and with our connections to popular Asian destinations, we can aid customers to fulfill all their travels plans – whether it is to reunite with their loved ones or take that much-awaited holiday or for business.

// Cathay Pacific Regional Head of Marketing & Sales, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Anand Yedery


Cathay Pacific
Travelers on Cathay Pacific’s A350-900 can expect a better flight experience according to the airline. With 280 seats in total, the aircraft is set up with three cabin classes: Business Class (38 seats), Premium Economy (28 seats), and Economy (214 seats). Image: Cathay Pacific

The A350-modern 900’s cabin classes offer passengers a completely new experience with extra-wide cabins, which feature new seats, cutting-edge inflight entertainment systems, and in-flight connection. Each configuration provides additional comfort, convenience, and entertainment options which hope to enhance the traveling experience.


The seats in Business Class and Premium Economy Class were developed by Studio F.A. Porsche, renowned for its knowledge of ergonomics, use, and comfort in seating. Additionally, Cathay Pacific’s award-winning long-haul offering features a complete flatbed experience in the A350-900 Business Class.


Cathay Pacific has been expanding its fleet to incorporate newer, more fuel-efficient planes as part of efforts to lessen its influence on climate change. The A350 series of aircraft combines the most advanced aerodynamics, inventive technology, and design, which not only enhances travel comfort but also the aircraft’s operating performance.


Flight can be booked on the Cathay Pacific website or through the airline’s travel partners.


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