December Global Holidays


Been hunting for low airfares? Black Friday is back on November 26 with hundreds of hotel and flight specials across the travel spectrum being released, with discounts too hard to skim over, especially with December global holidays around the corner.


  • 2021 offered limited international travel but the December global holidays provide a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Black Friday will once more bring eager travelers a chance to scoop up sensational deals.
  • These will be the second December global holidays with the Covid-19 pandemic present.
  • Visit for great flight deals.


The pandemic provided ample time for most to reflect on some of the great destinations they would like to visit, once international travel reopens, and with the imminent December global holidays in sight, there is probably no better time to take advantage of all that Black Friday has to offer.


Popular destinations for South African’s to visit include Zanzibar, Mauritius, and the Maldives, who have all seen incredible price cuts to make the December global holidays even more exciting. Now, popular South African destination Thailand has reopened to visitors under strict Covid-19 protocols, which is bound to make an appearance in the 2021 Black Friday portfolio of specials. It’s always advisable to double-check a destination of choice before booking, to avoid any disappointments or cancellations as a result of not being able to visit due to Covid-19 limitations.


Yet there will be a fair share of destinations this December global holidays that remain closed to South African visitors and it might take another year of waiting before those Black Friday deals roll around. This could mean a greater focus on domestic travel for the December global holidays, with coastal hotels and game lodges offering incredible specials to local tourists.


December Global Holidays
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of the local tourism market, especially to ultra-premium hotels and lodges, who for the most, would have been attracting international travelers these December global holidays. Image: The Sandton Times

One opportunity, going into 2022, is retaining those local specials for the South African market, who for the most, have managed to keep tourism ticking over. Should that not be the case, there are always some Black Friday deals to be secured on November 26! Visit The Sandton Times Fly page to navigate some of the great offers available and sign-up for the regular newsletter to secure amazing specials throughout the year.


Now, South Africa hasn’t always been on the international Black Friday bus. It’s likely just under a decade ago that a few retailers started hinting at an annual shopping bonanza of sorts, loosely inspired by the retail frenzy we see today. Needless to say, in 2021 there is hardly anyone who isn’t on the Black Friday train, in some instances declaring the whole of November a ‘black month’ with specials throughout. For those not diving right in with a whole month of Black Friday festivities, specific dates like Travel Tuesday, Cyber Monday and a range of weird and wonderful days dedicated to a segment of discounted sales have emerged.


Love it or hate it, Black Friday has joined the South African calendar of events and joins the ranks of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the like, attracting those out to secure a bargain adventure these December global holidays. Website Sherpa is a great guide to getting the right travel documentation and understanding up-to-date travel requirements, ahead of any major international trip. Don’t get caught short or without the necessary documentation whilst in transit.


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