The famous RocoMamas Chilli Cheese Bomb is not the only thing that got diners hot under the collar at the RocoMamas at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton.


  • Viral footage shows over 2-minutes of a fight between two tables.
  • What starts off as a verbal exchange quickly escalates into a full-blown fight.
  • Details as to what sparked the brawl remain a mystery.
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3-week old CCTV footage has surfaced online, which captured a fight that broke out between two seemingly unrelated groups of patrons at the RocoMamas located at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. What starts out as a seemingly normal service at the popular dining spot turns into a full-on fistfight as a table of 5 guys can be seen closing in on a neighbouring table, following some inaudible verbal exchanges.


Footage was shared by anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee on Twitter, from a CCTV camera inside the RocoMamas at Nelson Mandela Square.

After some smoke blowing and finger-pointing by the instigating table, one of the guys is seen jumping over the booth wall to confront the other table of diners, tucking into their meal. Like a scene out of West Side Story, the two groups engage and what ensues is a hot mess of punches, tackles, and rolling around on the floor.


The following minute of the CCTV footage shows the unfolding chaos that follows as other tables make a hasty escape to avoid being brought into the fight, whilst RocoMamas staff intervene to try and bring the conflict to an end. Reminiscent of scenes from a pub fight, one participant is seen carrying a black chair into the scrimmage before being given a firm blow by a white-bearded man. Numerous attempts are made to separate the two groups as the fight spills over into the outside seating area and corridors of Nelson Mandela Square.


RocoMamas fast-casual restaurants have become internationally known for their famed burgers, fries, ribs, and wings. Image: The Sandton Times

RocoMamas does not condone any form of violence. As can be seen from the video, the team on the floor, as well as the mall security, acted swiftly to address an altercation that resulted from a personal matter between a few patrons. Once the fight was diffused, the parties were escorted from the premises by security, and further information was gathered by the mall team. RocoMamas adhered to its standard procedures in our restaurants, which is for trained mall security to be called in to assist with any outbreak of violence to protect our customers.

// RocoMamas Spokesperson


RocoMamas had also clarified that this was an isolated incident and that no staff members were injured. It’s unclear at this stage what exactly triggered the fight. Nelson Mandela Square was not available for comment.


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