Amazon To Launch In South Africa In 2024

Amazon has officially announced the launch of in South Africa in 2024.


  • This expansion is set to impact local businesses, from small enterprises to large brands, by providing them with a platform to reach customers across South Africa.
  • Amazon hopes to bolster entrepreneurship and deliver a seamless shopping experience for local online shoppers.
  • As of 17 October 2023, independent sellers in South Africa can register their businesses with Amazon.
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The launch of in 2024 is poised to be a game-changer for independent sellers throughout South Africa. It will provide them with an unprecedented opportunity to rapidly launch, grow, and scale their businesses while leveraging the innovative capabilities provided by Amazon. The move is expected to not only boost the local economy but also create a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation, and consumer access.

We look forward to launching in South Africa, providing local sellers, brand owners, and entrepreneurs—small and large—the opportunity to grow their business with Amazon, and delivering great value and a convenient shopping experience for customers across South Africa.

// General Manager Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Amazon, Robert Koen


Local businesses are equally excited about the prospects that brings to the table. African Mamas Crafts, a Johannesburg-based enterprise that employs home-based crafters in rural areas, sees this as a golden opportunity for growth.


Reader’s Warehouse, created by two brothers fuelled by a passion for books and reading, is another business eagerly anticipating the launch.

I am absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Amazon and sell in their store. This presents an incredible chance to expand our ecommerce business and tap into a broader customer base in South Africa.

// Director at Reader’s Warehouse, Sean Bulpin


A significant aspect of Amazon’s global success lies in its commitment to independent sellers, who contribute over 60% of the total sales on the platform. This majority is comprised mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises, offering customers a diverse range of products, competitive pricing, and convenience. With the introduction of, South African-based sellers will now have the opportunity to showcase their offerings on a global stage, opening doors to significant growth.


Amazon is not just providing a marketplace; it is also offering a comprehensive suite of tools, programs, and services to empower sellers and facilitate their business growth. The platform provides access to hundreds of thousands of hours of free educational content, ranging from articles and videos to webinars and case studies.


For South African entrepreneurs eager to seize this opportunity, detailed information on how to register their businesses and access educational resources can be found on Amazon’s new South Africa sellers site.


As the countdown to the launch continues, the anticipation and excitement among businesses and consumers alike are palpable, marking the beginning of a new era for e-commerce in South Africa.


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