Champagne Day


Every year, the fourth Friday of October marks Champagne Day around the world, and this year, The Sandton Times joined some of South Africa’s top creators and celebrities for a special toast with Moët & Chandon at The Leonardo in Sandton.


  • Moët & Chandon brought together a notable guest-list across Africa, Israel, and Dubai for some champagne joy.
  • Champagne Day 2021 provided the perfect moment to unite people to celebrate life.
  • The celebrations culminated in a Grand Toast to Today at 17:43 on Friday, October 22.
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Moët & Chandon decided to celebrate life’s triumphant moments and hosted a special gathering in the heart of Sandton as part of a multi-city Moët & Chandon Grand ‘Toast to Today’. Guests in each country were invited as honoured icons of success and elegance, dressed up in cream and gold, ready for an intimate experience at the Alto234 Bar, Africa’s highest Urban Bar and viewing deck.


Throughout Africa and the Middle East, guests convened at prestigious venues from the One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai to the Villa Rosa Kempinski in Kenya, to honour Champagne Day in style.


Champagne Day
This year’s Moët & Chandon Champagne Day experiences spoke to Moët & Chandon’s generosity, grandeur, and savoir-fête (knowing how to celebrate!). Image: The Sandton Times

In a collective moment, guests across 10 cities raised their glasses to join a Grand ‘Toast to Today’, which took place at 17:43 in homage to the year the Moët & Chandon Maison was founded. Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon is the Maison that contributed to introducing champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines designed for various occasions.


Events of the recent past have highlighted the importance of acknowledging our daily triumphs, meaningful moments, successes, friends – as often as possible. Too often we are so focused on life’s major milestones that moments we should be acknowledging every day can just pass us by. The Moët & Chandon Grand ‘Toast to Today’ experience served as a powerful reminder to pause and reflect, and celebrate what we have.

// Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Africa and the Middle East, Dominic Ryan


In celebration of the powerful sentiment behind the Grand ‘Toast to Today’, Moët & Chandon created a customized ‘Wall of Toasts’. Guests were invited to recall a personal moment they felt thankful for on their notecard, seal it with a red wax seal and add it to the wall.


Champagne Day
The ‘Wall of Toasts’ – a poignant reminder to all in attendance of the importance of acknowledging personal moments of joy or success daily. Image: The Sandton Times

The Moët & Chandon Grand ‘Toast to Today’ served as a fitting moment to reflect on the past 18-months and the importance of celebrating moments that matter each day.


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