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10 Questions For Up-And-Coming Musician Kat Newood

Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer Kat Newood has worked with South African artists such as Nile Deep and Kekster, as well as Msaki, Lady Zamar, Kay Faith, Nana Atta and Nanette. She recently released her second single “Both Sides”.


  • Kat grew up in Pretoria and received her Honours degree in Musicology at Rhodes University.
  • Her first single “Water” dropped in 2021 with the music video for her latest single “Both Sides” releasing in August 2022.
  • She has never been skydiving and has four older brothers, being the youngest, and only sister.
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Kat Newood is an all-rounder musician, skilled in singing, music production, mixing, mastering, song writing and various other instruments. Based in South Africa, her music is inspired by House, Pop, Classical, Folk and Afro-Tech genres. She calls herself an Indie-Electronic producer with a big love for synth bass and vocal harmonies.



Where are you from and where are you now? I am originally from Pretoria. I then moved to The Netherlands for a year after high school to work as an Au Pair. After that I decided to study at Rhodes University in Grahamstown for 4 years and then I got a job at Universal Music Publishing in Johannesburg. I am still here!


How did you get started as a musician? I have been singing before I could speak (my mom has a video). She was always singing in choirs and playing violin in orchestras, so it’s something that came naturally to me. I sang in choirs and competitions throughout my school career, but I did not have it as a subject. After school I decided that I really wanted to pursue music, so I chose to study a BA in Journalism, Opera and Sound Technology. I was the only student with that particular combination of subjects, but I absolutely loved it! I then decided to take it even further and taught myself how to produce music, which opened a lot of doors for me.


How would you define your sound? It’s a mix of synth wave, pop, classical, Afro-tech and folk. The best box I can put it in is ‘Indie-Electronic’.


Kat Newood
Stromae, Elderbrook, Imogen Heap, Deadmau5 and Ariana Grande have influenced Kat’s music the most. Image: Kat Newood

Did you get into the industry for a good time or a long time? I came here for a long time! My full-time job is licensing music for films and ads, so I am learning how the music industry flows. Focusing on the business side of music in turn helps my creative process, so now I try to create music that can potentially generate income for a few years.


What has been your best artist moment to date? I sang with a full orchestra on a big stage with full lighting and sound in my second year of studies. It was still early in my career and now I am performing my own music. But man, nothing beats performing with that many talented musicians who are all there to support you.


Ever thought about what you’d put on your rider? I would need either one big humidifier or three small ones. A quiet room with a mirror and warm lighting so that I can focus – and at least 2 liters of purified still water. The room would also need at least two plants and one photo of a cat with fur.


What do people misunderstand about being in the music industry? Everyone thinks that a label will see your talent, sign you and then you will be famous. It’s actually like any other profession. You start at the bottom, work your way up and learn as much as you can, find the place where you fit in best, see where the money is, and then if you are lucky, you will be successful, which translates to fame in the music industry.


Kat Newood
Globally there is a shortage of female music producers. Kat sings, writes, mixes and masters her own tracks. She says it’s liberating, but it can be tiring. Image: Kat Newood

Do you have any events you’d like to perform at and why? In South Africa, Rocking The Daisies. Globally, Coachella! These events always have a variety of genres being performed and I love celebrating diversity.


What are your plans for summer 2022? Lying on the beach in the sun for 7 days and then partying with my friends in Cape Town. It’s basic, but it’s basic for a reason.


Finish the sentence: When I think of Sandton, I think of…? Drinking cocktails with my friends on some rooftop, watching the sun set over Johannesburg and listening to a really cool local DJ whilst looking at the fashionable business people around us.


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