10 Questions For WAXIT Businesswoman Julie Hyams

WAXIT Lonehill recently revealed a totally new look and a brand new franchisee at the helm – Julie Hyams.


  • Julie is WAXIT’s founder Michelle Royston’s sister-in-law.
  • She plans to keep this location running as usual with extra emphasis on customer service, support and a sense of community.
  • WAXIT Lonehill is solely dedicated to smooth skin.
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It’s a destination where men, women and teens alike can go get waxed expertly and discreetly – and because there is no competition for time from facials and manicures, there are always time-slots available for a wax. With a fresh perspective and determined quest for success, Julie is committed to the task at hand, and tells us more about her new adventure.


What drew you to the WAXIT brand and ideally, to the idea of opening up your own branch? I watched the founder, Michelle Royston, put her all into making WAXIT the brand that it is today. Her ethos of no compromise on delivering a prestigious and quality brand drew me to wanting to be a part of it. So many retailers compromise on quality for profit and Michelle has created a brand that encompasses everything to ensure a quality experience for all customers from beginning to end and that is what it is all about.


What was your journey to becoming a WAXIT businessowner like? Very scary – after a 17 year sabbatical from the workplace, to raise my children, it was time to focus on something for myself. Technology has changed over the years and I now have to focus on upgrading those skills.


As a businesswoman, where do you draw daily inspiration from? I draw my inspiration from watching other business women successfully juggle family responsibilities while achieving success in the workplace. Us woman are capable of so much. I am also greatly inspired by helping people reach their potential and watching them flourish and grow within your business.


With more woman starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs in our country, what advice would you give them when facing hardships and challenges? Do what you can, ask for advice and network – there is so much to learn in terms of what works and what doesn’t from others with the know-how.


What’s the best piece of ‘business’ advice you have ever received? ALWAYS, ALWAYS own up to mistakes, honesty is the best policy and if you know what the problem is, it can be fixed quickly without wasting time.


When looking for team members, Julie looks for someone with a friendly disposition and present-ability to ensure customers are made to feel comfortable. Image: WAXIT

What are the 3 most important must-haves for the perfect business recipe?
1. Honest, reliable staff who see the business as a shared concern.
2. Happy staff who enjoy what they do.
3. A great support structure.


How do you find the perfect balance between work, personal life and all the daily admin and duties? I don’t, not yet, it is all a bit of juggle at the moment, but still early days.


Looking back, what has been one of the greatest highlights in your career to date and why? With WAXIT – too early to tell, but achieving the required results AND bettering them will definitely feature highly. But, previously – achieving my dream job with a large international company as Marketing and Communications Manager and being selected to sit on a panel to steer the company through a large merger.


How do you deal with the stresses of daily life? I take time out for myself at the stables riding my horse and walking my dogs – I find that very therapeutic and something I can’t do without.


With so much of business having gone technological, how do you remain unique and on top of trends? My children are the best at keeping me up to date with the latest technological trends, kids these days know everything associated with technology.


Whether it’s low-rise jeans, itsy bitsy bikinis or button downs, WAXIT Lonehill promises smooth results. Find the Lonehill WAXIT store at the Lonehill Shopping Centre.


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