5 Hot Tips: When It’s Cold Outside, The Wise Get A Workout In

Highveld winters are not to be trifled with – crisp temperatures and short days. While it’s tempting to snuggle up alongside our MorsØ fireplaces and watch solar-powered TV, maintaining a workout routine during winter is key for our overall health and well-being.


  • Regularly lacing up the trainers during the dark days of winter is key to maintaining a strong immune system.
  • This is particularly important during the cold and flu season.
  • Physical activity increases blood circulation, which boosts the movement of immune cells throughout the body so that they can better combat infections.
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Benefits Beyond The Season…Working out in winter also helps to prevent weight gain (a common problem with reduced outdoor activity and an increase in comfort food eating). Regular physical activity burns calories and helps maintain a healthy metabolism and overall cardiovascular health.



Mind Games, The Good Kind…Working out in winter offers benefits that go beyond physical fitness and play an important role in keeping the mental mood bright. Regular activity releases endorphins, which are also known as “feel-good” hormones or “natural mood boosters”. Endorphins go a long way to beat stress, reduce anxiety and lessen depression.


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The Importance Of People…Humans are sociable by nature. So beat the winter blues by joining a group exercise class. Even if you’re not besties forever, working together towards a common goal goes a long way to feeling connected with others and feeling like you are part of a movement.


Routine, Routine, Repeat…Key to consistent training is to find a routine and stick to it. When winter hits it’s only far too easy to skip the gym and bond with the couch. Help keep your fitness goals on track by joining a group Cycle, Yoga, HIIT, Box or Dance class at a gym. Or sign up with a trainer or find a gym partner who will hold you accountable – and vice versa.


Hot Tips For Winter Training:

  • Dress in layers to peel off as the workout pace gets pumping.
  • At the end of your workout session, wrap up warmly before your body cools down.
  • Stay hydrated. You may not feel that thirsty given the weather, but the body still needs that H2O.
  • Where possible, sweat out the stress and the toxins in a sauna or steam room. You will feel so good!


Image: Virgin Active

Take On Winter With Virgin Active…Whether you choose to burn up the calories with some low-impact cardio in our heated lane pools, feel the heat on the weights floor, hold that pose longer in the Yoga studio, or join in the fun and sweat it out on a group exercise class. Virgin Active has so many ways to keep you active this winter – leaving you feeling good and getting a jump start on that summer-ready body.


Take a look at the Virgin Active clubs and the monthly special offers, near you.


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