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You could WIN 1 of 4 Bombay Sapphire Hometainment Boxes valued at R650! The perfect canvas for creating cocktails, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE urges South Africans to showcase their creativity through social media.


  • BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is the world’s number one premium gin by value, based on a 1761 recipe.
  • According to ‘The Key to Creativity’ survey, 97% of South Africans wished they could be more creative.
  • A Million Acts of Creativity takes its cue from BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’S Stir Creativity campaign to encourage everyone to engage with their creativity.
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So, whether it is flair in the kitchen, the knack for perfecting the latest viral dance, or those notebook doodles which could end up becoming a mural, unleash your creativity and post the results on Instagram.

All of us are inherently creative – what we need is an opportunity to explore our passions and abilities. Through the help of our cultural leaders, we hope to democratise creativity and encourage South Africans to embrace their passions.

// Managing Director, West, East & South Africa for Bacardi, Francois Portier


1. Re-Create one of the three cocktails listed below using BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.
2. Take a photo of your cocktail and post it on Instagram.
3. Tag @bombaysapphire and @sandtontime and use the hashtags #StirCreativity and #BombaySapphire.
4. Be sure to be following The Sandton Times account on Instagram!


Here are the three recipes recommended by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE brand ambassador Cameron Hawkins to let you stir your cocktail creativity. And the best part is they’re simple enough for you to easily whip up in the comfort of your home!


Bombay Sapphire


COCKTAIL 1: Gin & Tonic Twist – Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary
This cocktail lets you switch up your usual G&T, with punchy grapefruit and fresh rosemary tantalising the bright and fresh taste of the world’s leading gin brand.


* 100ml Premium Tonic Water
* Garnish
* 1 pink grapefruit wedge – gently squeezed
* 1 rosemary sprig – gently awoken


* Squeeze a pink grapefruit wedge into a balloon glass then drop in.
* Add rosemary sprig & BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, swirl well to infuse.
* Fill the glass with cubed ice ant top with premium tonic water.
* Gently fold/stir to combine
* Enjoy!


COCKTAIL 2: The Secret English Garden
A refreshing take on the English Garden Cocktail, blending BOMBAY SAPPHIRE with refreshing Ginger Ale and cloudy apple juice.


* 25ml Eager cloudy apple juice
* 75ml refreshing light ginger ale
* Garnish
* 1 thinly sliced granny smith apple disc
* 1 thinly sliced lemon wheel
* 1 sprig of lemon thyme


* Place the lemon wheel and apple disc into the bottom of a highball glass
* Add BOMBAY SAPPHIRE & Cloudy Apple Juice.
* Swirl well to infuse.
* Fill the glass with cubed ice with top with ginger ale.
* Gently stir/fold to mix.
* Garnish with a lemon thyme sprig placed into the glass.
* Enjoy!


COCKTAIL 3: The Laverstoke
A new classic, this cocktail from Sam Carter, the senior ambassador for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE at Laverstoke Mill, uses BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, Martini Bianco Vermouth, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur & gently squeezed lime wedges then topped with Ginger Ale & finished off with fragrant but spicy ginger slices & bright and fresh mint sprig.


* 15ml MARTINI Bianco Vermouth
* 15ml St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur
* 100ml Ginger Ale – chilled & freshly opened
* 2 lime wedges
* 1 thinly cut ginger root slice 1 large mint sprig


* 1 Squeeze the lime wedges into a balloon glass then add the ginger root slice, St-Germain, MARTINI Bianco & BOMBAY SAPPHIRE
* 2 Swirl well to mix then fill the glass with ice & stir to chill
* 3 Top with the ginger ale then gently fold/stir again to combine
* 4 Garnish with a freshly awoken mint sprig
* Enjoy!


Bombay Sapphire


1. Re-Create one of the three cocktails listed above using BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.
2. Take a photo of your cocktail and post it on Instagram.
3. Tag @bombaysapphire and @sandtontime and use the hashtags #StirCreativity and #BombaySapphire.
4. Be sure to be following The Sandton Times account on Instagram!


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