Sandton is perhaps best known for the plethora of diverse work opportunities in businesses big and small and across every economic sector. However, it’s the residential population of Sandton Central that stepped into the spotlight during the pandemic, as has the lifestyle that can be enjoyed in the suburb.


  • The neighbourhood is the home of world-renowned shopping enhanced by a long list of eateries catering to everyone’s tastes and an ongoing line-up of not-to-be-missed events and entertainment.
  • Current plans for Sandton Central include adding pedestrian buttons to traffic signals and further enhancing the comprehensive measures to improve safety and security.
  • Sandton Central is excellently positioned as a 15-minute neighbourhood.
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There is no doubt that Sandton Central has an abundance of amenities that any 15-minute neighbourhood should offer in order to meet its resident’s daily needs. “15-minute neighbourhoods” created a big buzz during pandemic lockdowns globally, when many people could only access the resources closest to their homes. It is also sometimes called a complete neighbourhood. Places that can offer this are gaining attention across the UK, Europe and the US because of their potential to improve quality of life and liveability.


A 15-minute neighbourhood is a neighbourhood in which you can access all of your most basic, day-to-day needs within a 15-minute walk of your home. Image: The Sandton Times

Sandton Central has the full potential to be a 15-minute neighbourhood, and it is attracting elements that can further enhance and add to the precinct to be able to provide a fully self-sustaining complete neighbourhood.

// District Improvement Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


The neighbourhood is a hotbed for innovation and start-ups and even offers co-working in great spaces provided by the likes of international WeWork and local Workshop17. The area’s excellent ability to attract leading national, multinational and international businesses and brands and appeal to skilled and talented people comes down to the same reason it appeals to residents – a wide range of amenities that contribute towards a quality lifestyle.


Life is far from being “all work” in Sandton Central. It offers various vibrant outdoor spaces, from alfresco cafes and outdoor dining to its own green lungs – Sandton Central Park and Mushroom Park. More outdoor spaces are being activated and used in Sandton Central now than two years ago, adding to its easy living. Its parks are gaining popularity, and new attractions are popping up, such as the drive-in at Sandton City and Open Markets at the Marc.


The neighbourhood has excellent public transport. It is served by Gautrain and Gautrain Bus, Metrobus, Putco, e-hailing services, the tuk-tuks of SheshaTuks, Rental cars from Europcar at 100 Rivonia Road and Avis at Mutual Place, and plans are underway to join Sandton Central to the Rea Vaya network. What is more, Sandton Central’s streets and pavements, inspired by eco-mobility, are designed to cater for pedestrians and cyclists, which is crucial for 15-minute neighbourhoods.


When it comes to learning, Sandton Library fulfils a vital community and educational role in the neighbourhood, which is also home to Sandown High School, St David’s Marist College and Regenesys Business School.


Sandton Central residents enjoy a direct connection to the public services of the City of Joburg, at the customer walk-in centre at Region E offices at Daisy Street, Johannesburg Tourism office at Sandton Library and the Sandton Tourism Kiosk at the Sandton Gautrain Station. Healthcare is accessible from Sandown Clinic and the Sandton Mediclinic. Numerous doctors and dentist’s rooms can be found in the neighbourhood, as well as optometrists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other medical and health practitioners.


Nelson Mandela Square has produced a limited-edition collection of Bokamoso reusable shopper bags in collaboration with local community organisation Khanyisa Mawethu Foundation. Image: Nelson Mandela Square

Now more than ever, people want to live close to where they work and to the things they need for their daily lives. Because so many of these things are concentrated in Sandton Central, there is a growing trend for accommodation catering to diverse residents in the neighbourhood. We expect to see more residential options being added, some of which is likely to be created by re-imagining existing buildings and converting offices into apartments.

// District Improvement Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


This shift is already evident in the two BlackBrick developments on Fredman Drive, both amazing office-to-residential conversions. In addition to the accessible, globe-trotting, live-work-learn inspired BlackBrick residential developments, The Leonardo offers similar opportunities to the luxury market. Jack notes that while the impact of the pandemic on the economy meant that the launch of the planned new Wedgewood Sandton residential development hasn’t gone ahead, it stirred up much public interest around the idea of the live-work-play lifestyle in one neighbourhood.


Another major drawcard for Sandton Central is that it provides a safe, clean, well-managed experience, driven by a dedicated team of stakeholders who are constantly working on initiatives to make it even more liveable, walkable, secure and enjoyable for everyone.


Alto234 at The Leonardo in Sandton promises guests a view unlike any other in Africa, combined with world-class drinks, bar tapas, and service. Image: The Sandton Times

Living in Sandton Central is highly attractive. It is a vibrant neighbourhood with much to offer without needing to get into your car to do your shopping, go to work, and enjoy dining, events and entertainment. We do see opportunities to enhance its qualities as a 15-minute neighbourhood even further by introducing more education and health facilities as well as a wider range of residential accommodation, suited to people of different ages and walks of life. There is no doubt that the market will respond in order to cater for this demand over time. Its exceptionally amenity-rich platform is driving a dynamic urban future for Sandton Central.

// District Improvement Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


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