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We Tried It: 3 Wondrous Courses At Chunky Chau In Rosebank

There are few places that are equally as sumptuously designed as the dishes that are served, yet Chunky Chau In Rosebank is probably this Summer’s Instagram dining experience.


  • Chunky Chau takes diners into the world of Mr. Chau from deep sexy crushed velvet reds and high cushioned bar chairs to oversized golden yellow chesterfield couches.
  • The restaurant is a swanky dining destination meets seductive supper club with a touch of exotic escapism.
  • Chunky Chau’s creative cuisine is inspired by extensive travel and experimental dining around Asia.
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The Sandton Times set out to try a sexy new dining spot in Rosebank, from the talented team that brought us the beautifully positioned Truffles on the Park in Sandton Central – and rumour has it one of the major streaming services has already been filming in this space!


Located on the piazza in the newly renovated The Firs of Rosebank, the restaurants décor is eclectic and seductive – a peacock theme permeates throughout the warm space – from the hand-painted dining chairs to the impressive wing-backs and the 7-meter-tall custom-designed deep teal wall paper wrapping across the ceiling.


Chunky Chau
Mr. Chau himself – an image of the friendly Smiling Buddha – sits welcoming diners, perpetually smiling on the inviting red-lit bar, as incenses sweeten the air. Image: The Sandton Times

Melodic and entrancing music plays and fills the room with the sounds of birds chirping in this overly greenified space. The central dining area is circling an enormous Chinese clay pot with a whimsical 5-meter kumquat tree as the greenery continues to envelop the space with tall bamboo palms and impressive fern balls splattered across the ceiling.


Chunky Chau
Secret garden meets late-night Asian bar at Chunky Chau creating a whimsical dining experience. Image: The Sandton Times

To the left of the wrap-around bar is Chau’s Den, a cozy private space with warm brick walls, a large wood-burning hearth with an ostrich-leather and glowing velvet sitting circle, large golden yellow chesterfield couches adorned with colorful scatter cushions.


Mr. Chau’s creator, Josef Schmid, took The Sandton Times through the hills and valleys of the Chunky Chau menu – here are the 3 courses we got to try:


Chunky Chau
Try Chau’s ‘Smokey Ginger Harmony’ – built using smokey Japanese Whiskey, date nectar, lime, a splash of bitters and ginger kwetsa. And then dramatically Applewood smoked at the table. Image: The Sandton Times

At the central Tea Bar, the innovative cocktail menu is based on exotic black fruit tea infusions, served with colorful garnishes in Chinese teapots and small little sake cups. Imagine sipping a cold drink with a blend of velvety dragonfuit, fruity buchu, white peach or sweet lychee expertly concocted to balance sweet with boozy spike.


Each dish is carefully created utilising the ancient arts of fermentation, curing, pickling & ageing with a cunning understanding of (un)traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean & Japanese cooking – delicately balancing sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami, a touch of the seasons & most importantly pursuing amazing deep memorable flavours.


Chunky Chau
The bento box is a great way to taste a bit of everything at Chunky Chau. Image: The Sandton Times

Chunky Chau proudly presents the 3-by-3 tasting experience – a visual delight served in custom-made wooden boxes with eclectic plating, mixing sushi and sashimi with warm taste treats like ginger-soy-chilli tossed edamame bursting with umami, sticky sesame chicken wings, grilled saucy pot stickers…and many more.


Chunky Chau
Every now and then a South American or New World influence creates exciting fusion flavours – for example Chorizo in the every so delicious Singapore Noodles. Image: The Sandton Times

The extensive pan-Asian fusion menu also features a sushi raw bar, fresh oysters in a half-shell and a selection of caviars.


Chunky Chau
Chunky Chau also has a dessert menu featuring, amongst others, a Chocolate and Nut Spring-Roll served with Vegan Ice-Cream as well as a Panna Cotta. Image: The Sandton Times

Chunky Chau promises an exclusive pan-Asian fusion restaurant and tea bar that’ll have you sharing photos online and flavours around the table.


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