The Test Kitchen Carbon

We Tried It: 10-Dishes At The Newly Opened Test Kitchen Carbon

Oxford Parks in Rosebank could very well be on its way to becoming greater Sandton’s new, top foodie destination as one of the country’s best chefs, Luke Dale Roberts, opens the latest iteration of his world-famous restaurant in the suburb: The Test Kitchen Carbon.


  • The Test Kitchen Carbon opened on March 14, with a select few getting a pre-taster of what is to come, over the weekend.
  • Located in the same precinct as the Radisson RED Johannesburg, The Test Kitchen Carbon features a live DJ and a wondrous adventure of flavours.
  • Dine counter-style and watch the magic unfold in the kitchen or take a seat on Nguni cowhide seating at one of the restaurant’s tables.
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Chef Luke Dale Roberts is set to open the doors of The Test Kitchen Carbon within the trendy Oxford Parks precinct and as was the case with each version of its Cape Town predecessor, the new venture will see The Test Kitchen evolve once again.


The Test Kitchen Carbon
For starters, Blue Cheese, Rosemary, and Shallot Puffs and an Olive Martini or enjoy a mouthful of Billionaire bites. Image: The Sandton Times

I am more excited than I’ve been in a while…I feel inspired again.

// Chef Luke Dale Roberts


The Test Kitchen Carbon will be a reincarnation rather than a recreation of its namesake, and while harnessing the same skill, technique, and diligence of the original, it’ll offer up a completely unique culinary experience of its own.

The Test Kitchen Carbon
A sweet ending to adventurous flavours – Chocolate and Mascarpone with Smoked White Chocolate Ice Cream. Image: The Sandton Times

This is not a relaunch or a redo. This is not the same as The Test Kitchen – it is a new chapter in our creative journey.

// Chef Luke Dale Roberts


The addition of the word “carbon” not only mirrors the space’s dark and chic interior but is also somewhat sentimental. To Chef Luke Dale Roberts it’s a representation of the restaurant industry’s journey over the last three years — as the embers die down and turn to ash, carbon is the residue, and though what came before it may be forever changed, it allows for a fresh start, new growth, innovation, and inspiration.


Chef Tyron Gentry, who has spent the last seven years working closely under Chef Luke Dale Roberts, has been appointed head chef of Carbon and brings with him not only the ability, talent, and expertise associated with The Test Kitchen brand but also, and perhaps most importantly, its philosophy of excellence.


The Test Kitchen Carbon
Expect bite-sized Pork-Scratchings with a Beer Foam – a favourite from the chef’s darkroom/lightroom era. Image: The Sandton Times

It will be a multi-sensorial, multi-dish menu, ranging from 10 to 13 courses (starting from R2050 per person). Each dish is expertly paired with flagship wines, cocktails, and something quite different too – a variety of fragrant teas as a non-alcoholic option, which actually works remarkably well. Something to consider for those really wanting to experiment with their palate!


As is the Chef Luke Dale Roberts signature, the menu will incorporate modern European and Asian influences, delivering hefty, deep, and flavourful cooking.


The Test Kitchen Carbon
A slice of Springbok with a Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Parfait, Fig Jus and Beetroot Gratin. Image: The Sandton Times

The meal finishes with desserts such as upside-down lemon tart with purple shiso sorbet, and chocolate and mascarpone with smoked white chocolate ice cream.


The space, situated across the way from the chef’s first permanent Joburg eatery, The Shortmarket Club, has been designed by HAUS architects in collaboration with Sandalene Dale Roberts and has been brought to life by myriad artists, designers, and artisans.


The Test Kitchen Carbon promises to be a truly spectacular, creative, vibrant, and even somewhat daring environment where Dale Roberts will once again, undoubtedly, reconceive the notion of fine dining in South Africa.


The Test Kitchen Carbon opens Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Bookings now open at


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