We Tried It: A Decadent 5-Course Journey At Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton

This September, an enchanting culinary journey unfolded at the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, hosted by Executive Chef Slobodan Stefancic.


  • This exquisite experience was part of the second annual Taste of Radisson series, showcasing the culinary talents of top chefs from Radisson Hotels across South Africa.
  • Each of these gastronomic events, held in various Radisson Hotels throughout August and September, has been a celebration of the artistry of exceptional chefs.
  • The dinner was complimented by a selection of wines by Louisvale Wines.
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The scene was set at the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton’s chic Vivace Restaurant. The evening’s pièce de résistance was the 5-course pairing menu crafted by the hotel’s Executive Chef, the Croatian-born culinary virtuoso, Slobodan Stefancic. With over two decades of culinary expertise under his belt, Chef Slobodan promised a dining experience that would tantalize the senses and leave guests craving more!


The gastronomic adventure commenced with Chef Slobodan’s sesame cone filled with beetroot and orange-cured salmon tartar, accompanied by chive crème fraiche and salmon roe amuse-bouche. This fresh creation was perfectly paired with Stone Road Rosé, a dry, vibrant wine with hints of red berry and watermelon, elevating the flavors of the cured salmon.


Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton
The culinary journey continued with a cumin chicken starter, adorned with bacon dust, pancetta crisps, and asparagus spears dressed in fresh rocket pesto. Image: The Sandton Times

To complement this flavorful starter, guests savored the zesty and easy-drinking Louisvale sauvignon blanc, featuring bursting tropical flavors and aromas. Chef Slobodan’s dedication to showcasing South Africa’s exceptional meat quality shone through in the main course.


Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton
The entrée featured seabass with vanilla parsnip purée and a white wine carrot and tomato emulsion, paired with Louisvale’s lightly wooded chardonnay, Chavant. Image: The Sandton Times

This Louisvale wine elegantly balanced flavors of citrus, peach, and vanilla, enhancing both the fish and the vanilla purée. As the evening unfolded, a matured Bordeaux blend, Louisvale’s Dominique, took center stage, harmonizing beautifully with Chef Slobodan’s pièce de resistance!


Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton
Seared duck breast tataki adorned with an edamame and hoisin reduction, accompanied by a medley of glazed baby vegetables. Image: The Sandton Times

To conclude this epicurean journey on a sweet note, dessert was served. Chef Slobodan’s vanilla and basil panna cotta, adorned with macerated strawberries, paid homage to the restaurant’s Italian roots. As a final touch, the sweet treat was paired with Louisvale‘s flavorful lemon and green apple MCC Brut, adding a touch of effervescence and delight.


The evening at Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton was an ode to culinary creations, showcasing the skills and passion of Chef Slobodan. It was a reminder that dining is not merely sustenance but a sensory experience and a testament to the artistry of South Africa’s finest chefs.


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