The Sandton Times Launches On Cutting-Edge South African Audio App LiSTN

This week, The Sandton Times launches on a new Apple and Android mobile app called LiSTN, alongside several notable South African media brands, making The Sandton Times content more accessible than ever before.


  • LiSTN is a mobile app providing a curated selection of radio streams, music channels, podcasts and news pieces, powered by respected South African media brands.
  • This move signals the expansion of The Sandton Times further into the mobile device space adding to its digital first approach and ‘anywhere anytime’ promise.
  • LiSTN’s impressive portfolio of content offers users free access to a diverse array of voices and information like never before.
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The Sandton Times, known for its quality web content and the weekly Sandton Times Hour radio show and podcast, is now available on the LiSTN mobile app, expanding its reach and accessibility to an even broader audience, alongside a respected group of media brands. The Sandton Times will be available on the Mix 93.8 stream as well as the Simply Smooth, Simply RnB and Simply Gospel streams, African Media Entertainment’s (AME) selection of online radio stations.

This expansion of The Sandton Times is once again a remarkable sign of growth for the brand and I am particularly excited to make both the web and digital audio content available to an even wider South African audience, hungry for informative and entertaining news, views and reviews. Joining a respected group of established media brands on LiSTN is truly a humbling moment. As I often like to highlight – this started on Twitter…now we’re here!

// The Sandton Times Founder and Managing Editor, Alexander Leibner



The continual buildout of The Sandton Times is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to its audience. With its finger on the pulse of Sandton’s iconic landscape, the digital first platform has effectively captured the essence of this bustling South African business and lifestyle hub whilst reaching far beyond its borders.


Through insightful storytelling, captivating imagery, and a dedication to local nuance, The Sandton Times has become a source of information and entertainment for its tech-savvy, metropolitan, diverse audience. Its launch on the LiSTN app, alongside prominent South African media brands, further solidifies its position as a leading voice in the region’s media landscape. As it continues to evolve and expand its reach, The Sandton Times is poised to achieve even greater success in 2024, taking its partners and supporters along for the journey.


LiSTN, an innovative audio aggregator, aims to provide users with a world of audio and news content at their fingertips. Whether it’s streaming favourite radio stations or delving into captivating podcasts, the LiSTN Audio app caters to the evolving preferences and needs of audio enthusiasts. With an intuitive user interface, LiSTN offers instant access to a plethora of content, including real-time news updates, expert-curated playlists, and bespoke channels.

90% our content is home-grown and that differentiates us in this market. We analysed digital audio trends across the world and we saw an opportunity in SA to be the first to market where you can listen to quality audio on our radio channels and consume the latest news simultaneously.

// CEO of African Media Entertainment (AME), Dave Tiltmann


Terrestrial radio consumption is flattening out in terms of revenue and listenership in favour of online audio consumption that becomes possible when you combine radio, audio streaming and podcast content, along with online digital.


One of the standout features of LiSTN is its commitment to accessibility. Users can enjoy all this remarkable content without the hassle of sign-ups or subscriptions. In an era where data for audio streaming can be as affordable as R1.50 an hour, the LiSTN app presents a golden opportunity for South Africans to immerse themselves fully in the world of digital audio.


As podcasting continues to rise in popularity, these play a significant role in the LiSTN experience. Image: African Media Entertainment (AME)

Key Features of the LiSTN App:

  1. Live Radio Streaming: LiSTN provides users with access to an extensive list of live radio stations, offering a variety of genres, talk shows, and more. The breadth of content ensures that there’s something for everyone’s listening pleasure.
  2. Captivating Podcasts: Podcast enthusiasts will find a treasure trove of engaging content. LiSTN offers in-house podcasts curated by voices from favorite audio brands and subject matter experts, promising an experience that goes beyond what’s found on other platforms. The selection will continue to expand, offering even more variety and options.
  3. Tailored Playlists: LiSTN’s content partners create and share tailored playlists to suit different moods and preferences. Users can easily explore these playlists through intuitive carousels, ensuring entertainment for all occasions.
  4. Real-Time News Updates: In a world where reliable news is essential, LiSTN taps into content providers with a long history of journalistic freedom and transparency in South Africa, ensuring users stay informed about the latest developments.


The LiSTN Audio app offers premium content, both local and international, without any buffering or hassles. All content is available from the moment users install the app, delivering unparalleled listening. The user experience is designed to captivate users from the moment they hop on the platform, offering the following advantages:

  • A diverse range of established brands including The Citizen, Mx 93.8, Algoa FM, OFM, and Simply Smooth (AME’s online radio station). LiSTN already boasts around 15 polished and engaging content curators, with more planned for future additions.
  • LiSTN is entirely agnostic when it comes to radio stations, providing access to a wide range of voices in one convenient place, from SABC shows to FM stations and digital streams.
  • LiSTN’s brand profiles offer more than just one form of entertainment. They encompass live stream capabilities, catch-up content, the latest videos, competitions, and more, ensuring a dynamic range of content, no matter which curators users choose to follow.


LiSTN is available for download on both Android and Apple devices, offering an exciting world of audio content for users to enjoy as part of their daily media consumption. This next step for The Sandton Times showcases the brands adaptability in the ever-evolving world of digital media. Its unwavering commitment to providing insightful, quality and engaging content, is not just a reflection of its past achievements, but a promising indicator of an exciting future ahead, as it continues to connect with and inspire its audiences.


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