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Sandton Times Hour Edition 91 Podcast Show Notes

The only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, the weekly SANDTON TIMES HOUR brings the pages of The Sandton Times to life with an array of entertaining and informative interviews, every week on Mix 93.8 FM, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Paranormal Investigator, Wynand van Zyl of Phoenix Paranormal shares some South African hauntings.\
  • André Leibbrandt, Creator of the Simonstown Ghost Walk talks about some of the coastal towns most mysterious spots.
  • Forensic Psychologist, Professor Gérard Labuschagne talks about his two books, ‘The Profiler Diaries: From the Case Files of a Police Psychologist’ and ‘The Profiler Diaries 2 – From Crime Scene To Courtroom’.
  • Daniel Janse van Rensburg tells of his days in Black Beach, one of the world’s most feared prisons, notorious for its brutality and inhumane conditions.
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THE SANDTON TIMES HOUR is the go-to weekly digest on greater Sandton including fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment. In this week’s episode [Edition 91 | Week 45] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:


SOUTH AFRICAN HAUNTINGS With Phoenix Paranormal Investigator Wynand van Zyl

Sandton Times Hour
Phoenix Paranormal South Africa, is a professional paranormal investigative group that helps people of all ages and backgrounds explain the unexplained. Image: Phoenix Paranormal South Africa

Using high-end electrical equipment to capture evidence of the unknown, Phoenix Paranormal draws conclusions only after all logical explanations have been considered or eliminated.


More about Phoenix Paranormal on their Facebook Page.


SIMONSTOWN GHOST WALK With Creator André Leibbrandt

Sandton Times Hour
As you stroll Simon’s Town’s historical mile, a knowledgeable tour guide will tell you stories about historic structures that are worth hearing about. Image: The Sandton Times

These walks are led by André Leibbrandt, a licensed Western Cape tourist guide who has been doing so for the past four years. To design this ghost walk tour, Andre and his business partner did extensive research into Simon’s Town’s past in nearby libraries and museums.


To book a spot visit the Simon’s Town Ghost Walk Facebook Page.


THE PROFILER DIARIES With Forensic Psychologist Professor Gérard Labuschagne

Sandton Times Hour
More compelling instances from the files of renowned author and former police psychologist Gérard Labuschagne. Image: Penguin Random House South Africa

Former South African Police Service (SAPS) head profiler Professor Gérard Labuschagne, who succeeded the illustrious Micki Pistorius, recalls more of the 110 murder series and the myriad other unusual crimes he investigated during his career in this second instalment of The Profiler Diaries.


In his fourteen and a half years with the SAPS, Labuschagne, a specialist in serial murder and rape cases, saw it all. Even though Labuschagne and his colleagues were frequently thwarted by a lack of funding, office politics, and legal incompetence, they remained committed to securing justice for the victims whose cases they were tasked with researching.


Get a copy of The Profiler Diaries 2: From Crime Scene to Courtroom online.


BLACK BEACH With Daniel Janse van Rensburg

Sandton Times Hour
A brief business trip to Equatorial Guinea that transformed into a descent into hell. Image: Penguin Random House South Africa

The terrifying story of Daniel’s struggle while imprisoned at the legendary Black Beach jail in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, is told in the chilling book Black Beach. An explosive exposé of power abuse and corruption at the highest levels of government in Equatorial Guinea, a country rich in oil, as well as Daniel’s ultimate descent into hell while imprisoned within one of the most notorious prisons in the world.


Daniel’s sometimes gruesome account details his personal encounters with the dreadful conditions at a prison that has received extensive media attention due to allegations of excessive violence, torture, and basic human rights breaches. He describes his daily battle to survive by scrounging for food, frequently consuming rotten meat and drinking tainted water, living in filthy conditions without access to running water or working restrooms, and being completely shut off from his family, legal counsel, and the South African embassy.


Get a copy of Black Beach: 491 Days in One of Africa’s Most Brutal Prisons online.



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  • Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters (Digital Nature Remix)
  • Adam Lambert – Ghost Town




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