Sandton Street Race: The Epic Showdown Of Mercedes-AMG A-Class Models

The streets of Sandton were filled with the sounds of revving engines as invited media and select Mercedes-Benz clients witnessed a breath-taking Mercedes-AMG street race showdown like never before.


  • The highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG Unrivalled Sandton Street Race took place over the weekend with a display of power, performance, and sheer driving excitement.
  • Featuring the ultimate hot hatch, the Mercedes-AMG A45S, alongside the refreshed A-Class range, this event showcased a spectacular clash of speed and style.
  • Hosted at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Sandton dealership on 92 Rivonia Road, the stage was set for a high-octane extravaganza.
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As the engines roared to life and the streets of Sandton became a battleground of speed and precision, the Mercedes-AMG Unrivalled Sandton Street Race brought together Mercedes-AMG fans and those who were about to be converted, promising a spectacle that would leave enthusiasts and spectators alike in awe – and it did!


As the engines roared and the anticipation reached a climax, the Unrivalled Sandton Street Race promised more than just heart-pounding speed. Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa

But this was no ordinary street race – Mercedes-Benz pulled out all the stops, shutting down key thoroughfares to create an exclusive racing playground – something that would almost be unimaginable in any other city in the world. Parts of Rivonia Road, Katherine Street, and Fifth Street were cordoned off to provide a thrilling racecourse, while Pybus Road was transformed into a test driving track, ready to push these exceptional vehicles to their limits.


Guests were ready to be entertained by some of South Africa’s finest DJs, including Da Kruk, Sphe and Naves and De Mthuda creating the atmosphere for an electric morning, matching the energy of the race itself. Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa

Also in attendance were Mark Raine, Co-CEO & Executive Director of Mercedes-Benz South Africa as well as former Dealer Principal at Mercedes-Benz Sandton, now Vice President Sales & Marketing of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Alex Boavida, who welcomed guests and opened the day’s proceedings.


The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the legendary shootout between two automotive icons – Mika Salo, an F1 legend, and Clint Weston, an AMG trailblazer. Joined by driver extraordinaire Natalie Weston, these two titans of the racing world were left in second and third place respectively, in a thrilling battle of skill, courage, and sheer determination as Natalie took pole position. The on-road face-off was a showcase of the true essence of Mercedes-AMG performance – an embodiment of precision engineering and unrelenting passion for the road.



At the heart of this showdown were the new Mercedes-AMG A-Class models, vehicles that represent the pinnacle of performance and luxury. Serving as the performance division of Mercedes-Benz, AMG is renowned for crafting some of the most coveted vehicles in the world. The A45S, in particular, stands out as the ultimate hot hatch, boasting a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that churns out an impressive 310 kW of power and 500 Nm of torque.


The sporty essence continues, thanks to the AMG cockpit and Performance steering wheel. Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa

The Sandton Times took to the streets in this particular model, with a top speed of 250 km/h and an AMG speed shift DCT 8G gearbox. Needless to say, the A45S is a force to be reckoned with on the asphalt. But it’s not just the raw power that makes these vehicles exceptional. The design of the Mercedes-AMG A45 models is nothing short of striking, with a sporty and aggressive appearance that sets them apart from the competition. The AMG-specific radiator trim, distinctive front apron, and widened front wings exude an aura of performance that is hard to ignore.


Inside the cabin, the MBUX multimedia system, featuring multiple display designs including Supersport mode with a large rev counter, is tailor-made for performance enthusiasts. The AMG Performance seats not only provide maximum sportiness but also ensure optimal handling and support during spirited driving.


For those seeking the perfect balance between performance and comfort, the optional AMG Ride Control suspension comes into play. Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa

Under the hood, the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ system with AMG Torque Control takes performance to the next level. This advanced technology allows for fully variable torque distribution to each rear wheel, enhancing traction and delivering a thrilling driving experience. The AMG Speed shift DCT 8G transmission ensures seamless gear changes, whether you’re aiming for lightning-fast acceleration or a comfortable cruise.


With adaptive damping and multiple suspension settings, you can tailor the driving experience to your preferences, whether you’re conquering city streets or tackling the race track. Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa

The Mercedes-AMG Unrivalled Sandton Street Race was not just a showcase race; it was a celebration of automotive excellence, a showpiece of cutting-edge technology, and a testament to the relentless pursuit of driving perfection.


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