World-Class Renal Care At Life Fourways Hospital

Life Fourways Hospital has a dedicated and specialised renal unit supported by a team of Nephrologists who offer world-class renal care.


  • Your kidneys have the important job of filtering the blood to remove toxins, excess water, and waste material.
  • When they are unable to carry out this duty, a machine is used to help them perform their functions through renal dialysis.
  • This treatment ensures that there is proper balance of the fluids and electrolytes in your body.
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Renal health is vital in patients who suffer from diseases such as lupus, diabetes, and any immune compromising health challenge. Yet how does renal dialysis work? Blood travels through dialysis bloodlines to the dialyser, also known as the artificial kidney. The dialyser is made up of two compartments: one through which blood passes, and another containing dialysate.


Porous membranes inside the dialyser allow for the movement of waste products, electrolytes, and water between compartments through a process of osmosis and diffusion. These exchanges continue over the prescribed dialysis session until a balance of electrolytes and effective waste removal is achieved.


Life Fourways Hospital offers the latest renal dialysis technology, including renal dialysis machines and comfortable dialysis chairs. Ease of access is ensured to hospital specialists, physicians, X-ray departments, and laboratory facilities.


How can you access renal dialysis treatments? Through a referral from a specialist or general practitioner to the nephrologist, referral directly from the treating nephrologist, or direct contact with the unit manager at the renal dialysis unit.


Seek medical advice for any discomfort or contact Life Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on 0860 123 367. For more information contact Life Fourways Hospital on 011-875-1000 or email Tanya Jenneker.


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