ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel

EXCLUSIVE: ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel To Open Q3 2023

You read it here first…The Signature Lux By ONOMO Sandton will be no more as the property makes way for a brand new building: ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel.


  • The Signature Lux was one of the first hotels in Sandton to convert former office space into a hospitality destination.
  • The hotel introduced high-tech elements to its hospitality offering, as well as a half-day rate option.
  • Conveniently located, the Signature Lux will now make way for a new ONOMO Lifestyle experience in the heart of Sandton.
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The Signature Lux hotel, currently at the doorstep of Nelson Mandela Square in the heart of Africa’s richest square mile, will be bidding farewell and making space for the ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel which is set to open its doors in August 2023. ONOMO Hotels is a Pan-African hotel chain that has been growing rapidly in recent years, with a presence in more than 13 African countries, and a footprint of over 22 Hotels.


Since then, ONOMO has established itself as a leading player in the African hospitality industry, offering business and leisure travellers comfortable, safe and stylish accommodation at highly competitive prices. With a focus on providing a truly African experience, the chain has a unique aesthetic that combines contemporary design with traditional African elements unique to each city ONOMO calls home.

The Group of ONOMO hotels prides itself on its culture of the ‘ONOMO Smile – Service excellence in all they do, every day’. The result is a stylish and comfortable space that feels distinctly African, while still offering all the modern conveniences that travellers have come to expect, mixed with the unique rhythm of Africa’s heartbeat.

// ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel General Manager, Christine Swanepoel


ONOMO’s hotels are located in some of the continent’s most vibrant cities, including Casablanca, Abidjan, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Durban, and Cape Town, among others. The chain is currently expanding further in the coming months, with new country locations adding further African flavour to the already strong portfolio of Hotels. ONOMO Hotel group bought over the Signature Lux Brand in 2017. The property is now being completely re-imagined and replaced by a custom designed and constructed ONOMO Lifestyle brand property.


The ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel will be the first ONOMO Lifestyle brand in the Sandton node, with the focus on local culture, design, nomadism, fashion, art, and music. The design will be unique and exclusive to the ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel. Considered to be a AAA Location, the ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel will offer 218 rooms showcasing local artwork and design, an upgraded restaurant featuring African urban fusion cuisine, a terrace, and a lobby with specialty bars and barista offerings. The hotel looks to host numerous events, including fashion shows and live music showcasing local talent. ONOMO’s commitment to providing an authentic African experience is reflected in the design of its hotels.

We are very excited for the launch of this unique contemporary African Chic design, that celebrates South African culture, food, and local talent. ONOMO Hotels dance to the unique heartbeat of Africa and celebrate its spirit and diverse culture.

// ONOMO Johannesburg Sandton Hotel General Manager, Christine Swanepoel


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