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Unwind: Try A Night Spa At The Indaba Hotel Mowana Spa

Nestled within the serene Indaba Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre in Fourways, Mowana Spa offers a unique and blissful experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


  • Imagine indulging in a divine night spa treatment, where relaxation and rejuvenation merge to create an unforgettable sensory journey.
  • Mowana Spa, with its lush surroundings and soothing ambiance, provides an oasis of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • The spa draws inspiration from the ancient African baobab tree, known for its ability to regenerate and restore.
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As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, Mowana Spa comes alive with a unique night spa experience. Guests are welcomed into the dimly lit sanctuary, where upon entering, the scent of essential oils envelop the senses. The night spa treatments offer a selection of indulgent therapies that are designed to nourish both body and soul.


One of the highlights of the night spa experience is the soothing ritual of a full-body massage. Friendly therapists use massage techniques to relieve tension and promote deep relaxation. The gentle strokes and kneading motions, combined with the subtle aroma of essential oils, transport guests into a state of pure bliss…and a possible power nap.


In addition to the massage, Mowana Spa offers a range of other treatments, including facials, body wraps, and exfoliation rituals. These treatments incorporate natural ingredients sourced from Africa, such as rooibos, marula oil, and shea butter, known for their rejuvenating and nourishing properties.


Mowana Spa
The team of Mowana Spa therapists have the perfect touch on a cold winter night ensuring rest and relaxation for spa goers. Image: The Sandton Times

The setting of Mowana Spa further enhances the night spa experience. The spa features heated treatment rooms during the winter period, each designed to create a serene atmosphere with a natural soundtrack of running water and night-time sounds to go with it, contributing to the overall sense of relaxation.


Before and after the treatments, guests are invited to unwind in the spa’s dining area, which serves up an array of drinks, canapes and a hearty meal, to ensure your body is nourished from the inside and the outside.


Mowana Spa at the Indaba Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre offers a truly divine night spa experience in the heart of Fourways. With its peaceful ambiance, indulgent treatments, and holistic approach, Mowana Spa provides a haven where guests can escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with their inner selves.


To not undo the peace and tranquillity of a night spa by driving home through the pitch black power-cut roads of greater Sandton, dodging potholes, unruly motorists and other criminal elements, opt to book into the Indaba Hotel for the night and turn a night-out into a mini-getaway with a decadent breakfast the next day!


Mowana Spa
The beautifully appointed ‘Cognac Suite’ at the Indaba Hotel is cozy, with a gorgeous bathroom and all modern amenities. Image: The Sandton Times

As an additional option, and if the spa isn’t enough, the Indaba Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre also boasts a hugely popular Gin School, which has selected Cape Saint Blaize as the gin distillery for July to September 2023. Guests can look forward to experiencing a 60-minute gin and Lindt Chocolate pairing featuring the Classic, Floristic and Oceanic Gin varietals.


The immersion will take gin aficionados through everything from the basics of gin making, how the bottles are created and how to blend the perfect winter cocktail for that next dinner party. Cape Saint Blaize, now known as Mossel Bay, pays tribute to the first Post Office in South Africa and its iconic lighthouse, which are synonymous landmarks in Mossel Bay through the design and detail of their hand crafted bottles. Look forward to learning insider tips and tricks that will totally transform that next sip of gin.


Back to the spa, and Mowana Spa offers two packages to choose from:

  • The African Skies Night Spa Pamper Journey: Includes 3 treatments as well as canapes on arrival, a main course of your choice and a dessert.
  • The Time Out Night Spa Pamper Journey: Includes 2 treatments as well as canapes on arrival, a main course and dessert.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic date-night getaway, a pampering session with friends, or simply some well-deserved self-care, the night spa treatment at Mowana Spa promises to take you away from the everyday – even if it’s only for a night!


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