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Martin Bester Ranks 2 Sandton Eateries In His Top Foodie Hotspots

He’s a familiar voice on morning FM radio in greater Sandton and whilst late nights are a highly unlikely occurrence for Martin Bester, this massive foodie has 5 local foodie hot-spots he won’t say no to.


  • Breakfast radio host, Martin Bester, continues to be amazed by the incredible mix of flavours, aromas and ingredients used in foods around the city.
  • Martin is also an actor, television presenter and lead vocalist for alternative rock band ‘Kinky Robot’.
  • Two Sandton restaurants rank among the best when it comes to Martin’s favourite food spots.
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Johannesburg remains a flourishing modern metropolis on the African continent. The city plays a major role in the country’s economy and has cemented itself as a thriving cultural and financial hub. In fact, the city has developed a thriving foodie culture which shines a light on the many different cultures and people the city houses.


Here are Martin’s top five foodie hot-spots in Johannesburg, two of which are in greater Sandton:


Taste Of Punjab
The Taste Of Punjab in Sunninghill is my favourite North Indian restaurant. When I lived in Sunninghill, I would eat their food at least twice a week – that’s how good the food is there. The restaurant serves some of the most authentic North Indian cuisines and celebrates how important Indian cuisine is to our South African culture. I highly recommend the Palak Paneer, Tandoori Mushrooms and vegetable samosas when visiting. You won’t regret it!


The Brian Lara Rum Eatery
The artsy suburb of Linden has certainly made a name for itself as one of the most unique and diverse foodie destinations in Johannesburg, and the Brian Lara Rum Eatery certainly lives up to the hype. I love going there on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. It has a great vibe, lekker food and offers those visiting something different. I also love that there was a vinyl record shop across the road. I would often visit after my meal to buy some tunes.


Martin Bester
Martin Bester, best known for his radio presence, is a multi-award winning talent and self-proclaimed foodie. Image: Martin Bester

The Signature brand has done incredible things in the fine-dining space that their Morningside branch is my go-to restaurant when I want a more elegant evening out. While their food is remarkable, I love the fact that they would have a great singer and pianist as entertainment for patrons to enjoy while dining. I’ve eaten some of my favourite fine-dining meals there and would highly recommend a visit to anyone wanting to add a little romance to their evening.


The Marabi Club
This venue in Maboneng is definitely a must-visit! What a surprise when those big doors swing open! The club is known for its food, and I love that your dining experience is accompanied by fine live jazz performances that highlight some of the exceptional performers we have in the city. Every visit to The Marabi Club is an experience – and one they have perfected elegantly.


La Boqueria
This Hispanic-style restaurant in Parktown North has become a popular destination for foodies since it opened its doors, and one visit highlights why. The restaurant offers a delicious selection of food from Mexico and Peru and their beautiful décor helps diners embark on a unique culinary adventure. If you have a look at their amazing Cocktail menu, you’ll find our very own ‘Breakfast with Martin Bester‘ cocktail! Give it a try, it will surprise you!


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