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5 Things We Love About The New Logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse

Logitech G is bringing the G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED and G502 X PLUS, the latest versions of this popular gaming mouse with an array of breakthrough innovations, to South Africa.


  • Logitech G is a brand of Logitech International, considered to be a global leader in PC and console gaming gear.
  • The G502 is an icon in gaming and the gaming community has been looking forward to the next-generation release.
  • South African gamers can expect the new G502 X range to drop this September.
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At an exclusive preview, The Sandton Times had the opportunity to test-drive the new Logitech G502 X range and was not left disappointed. As a leading innovator of gaming technologies and gear Logitech looks to continue the legacy of delivering unrivaled gaming performance by meticulously redesigning the G502 form, and by updating it with the most advanced gaming technologies, including the introduction of LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches.

Previously using the G502 now using the G502 X Plus, is a game changer, being wireless, with pinpoint precision and being so light weight makes staying on target easier. I struggle with in-game recoil control and now it feels like there is no recoil – it’s that amazing. It is by far the sexiest mouse I have owned and used which is just as comfortable. Logitech has not only listened to gamers but they have changed the game.

// Gamer, LoveMyYoda


Here are the 5 Things We Love About The New Logitech G502 X Gaming Mouse:


1. The G502 X comes Wired, Wireless and in a Plus Version
Available as the G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED and G502 X PLUS, the range meets all budget sizes and gaming requirements. From the entry level corded G502 X with a great weight reduction down to 89 grams, the G502 X LIGHTSPEED with a 68% faster response rate, to the G502 X PLUS with enhanced RGB lighting and active play detection.


Exclusive to Logitech G, all G502 X models come with the all-new LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches for incredible speed and reliability, as well as precise actuation with crisp response.


LIGHTFORCE is a revolutionary microswitch technology that combines the benefits of optical switches with the important actuation feel of mechanical switches that gamers love. Optical switches offer fast speed, performance and good reliability over the life of the mouse.


LIGHTFORCE uses galvanic contact parts within the switch that operate just like mechanical switches, to maintain that crisp feeling. The result is optical and mechanical triggers engineered in unison, delivering the ultimate gaming performance. LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches provide reliable, ultra-low latency optical actuation combined with the best attributes of crisp, tactile mechanical clicks.


The G502 X also comes equipped with the HERO 25K high-precision gaming sensor, offering a 1-1 ratio accuracy at sub-micron levels and zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration.


g502 x
Available as the G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED and G502 X PLUS, the range meets all budget sizes and gaming requirements. Image: Logitech G

3. It comes with RGB Lighting
The G502 X PLUS model comes with LIGHTSYNC RGB with flowing 8-LED lighting that is customizable and adapts as the user plays, startup and power-down effects, and battery optimization through active play detection.


4. It connects in more ways than one
Along with activity and performance without the wire and, when combined with LIGHTFORCE, features response times 68 percent faster than the previous generation. The LIGHTSPEED wireless protocol update also allows gamers to connect two LIGHTSPEED devices to one receiver using the Device Pairing Tool in G HUB. Players can choose to operate G502 X with the same receiver as their Logitech G915, G915 TKL, or G715 gaming keyboards.


5. It’s lightweight and customisable
The G502 X touts a redesigned, reversible and removable DPI-shift button to accommodate a wide variety of hand sizes and grip styles, a redesigned scroll wheel with higher stability and reduced weight, while retaining the G502’s iconic dual hyper-fast infinite scroll and precise ratchet modes, USB-C charging for wireless versions, as well as a thin-wall exoskeleton for weight reduction and maximum rigidity.


In addition, the G502 X line is compatible with Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging mats for unlimited battery life without wires.

We reimagined the iconic G502 with design and engineering updates that elevate the legendary gaming mouse into a new era of play. With lighter materials and cutting-edge technology, the new G502 X promises to continue the G502 tradition of ultimate performance and total control.

// Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Gaming, Ujesh Desai


g502 x
All three mice are available in black and white colorways. Image: Logitech G

The Logitech G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED and G502 X PLUS gaming mice are expected to be available at retailers from end September 2022 at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • G502 X Gaming Mouse – R1’499
  • G502 X Lightspeed – R2’699
  • G502 X PLUS Wireless Gaming Mouse – R2’999


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