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The Sandton Times Welcomes Legal Partner APA Africa

The Sandton Times, Sandton’s premier lifestyle and news aggregator, is pleased to announce its partnership with APA Africa, a high-powered litigation and commercial law firm.


  • With a focus on attentive, bespoke, and service-driven approaches, APA Africa’s professionals possess exceptional skills, experience, and competence.
  • Their commitment to intellectual ability, client service, and fair pricing has allowed them to excel in the legal industry.
  • This collaboration will provide The Sandton Times with expert legal counsel and support, further enhancing its position as a leading source of quality content and information.
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APA Africa, founded by Andre Pienaar, a former senior equity partner at one of South Africa’s most reputable law firms, is a results-driven law firm specializing in litigation and commercial law.


As a South African and Sub-Saharan African law firm, APA Africa is well-positioned to assist clients throughout the continent. Their practice areas span banking and financial services, commercial law, construction law, corporate law, insolvency law, labor law, family law, regulation and compliance, property and real estate, mining law, ADR, litigation, telecoms law, and estates.


The Sandton Times prides itself on providing the most relevant information inspired by “Africa’s richest square mile” and the surrounding areas. By catering to consumers’ desires for the best in entertainment, destinations, shopping, events, and dining, The Sandton Times showcases the vibrant lifestyle and offerings of greater Sandton. The brand is accessible online, free of charge, through its website, multiple social media channels, a radio show, podcast, and a weekly mailer.


By aligning with local and global media trends, The Sandton Times has positioned itself for significant growth. The Sandton Times is strategically positioned to engage youthful audiences, with a strong focus on digital media, radio, podcasts, and internet advertising. According to a recent report by one of the four large consulting firms, these platforms are experiencing compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of up to 8.5% in South Africa, surpassing the global average.


Through the partnership with APA Africa, The Sandton Times will receive invaluable legal counsel and support for all its legal matters, whilst APA Africa will enjoy the opportunity to reach a new audience and share some of the latest legal developments with a broader community. Access to APA Africa’s expertise will enable The Sandton Times to tackle more challenging and cutting-edge content, providing readers with world-class legal insights on a monthly basis.


This collaboration highlights The Sandton Times’ commitment to delivering quality and value to its audience.


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