JoJo: Why Filtering Your Water In 2023 Is Important

JoJo, the water solutions company, offers a wide selection of filters that ensure the quality of the water you consume is of the highest standard possible.


  • Water quality in cities and rural areas can be negatively impacted by environmental and infrastructural factors.
  • While the water we get from our taps may look and taste clean, it can contain harmful contaminants and bacteria.
  • Filtration is not only affordable, but JoJo has solutions that make it simple and aesthetically pleasing.
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As the disruption of the water supply in parts of Johannesburg in October forced many of the city’s residents to be concerned with the quantity of water coming from their taps, they should pay just as much attention to the quality of the water they are consuming.


Most of us do not know what is in the water that flows from our taps. We take it for granted when we are told it is clean and adheres to quality guidelines. But, as the supply outages and failing service delivery infrastructures around the country have shown, we can’t take nothing for granted. The need to ensure our families, visitors and employees have access to water that has the highest levels of purity and safety every time you open the tap has never been more vital to both our health and the sustainability of water.

In choosing a filter, JoJo recommends you make your selection based on the quality of water available, your desired application, personal preference and the unique requirements of your home. Image: JoJo

They also recommend you choose your filter based on how and what it filters, not on how it looks. The best, simplest and most cost effective solution is to filter your water at its end point in the journey to your house. A filter that ensures you eliminate all of the contaminants that may make their way into the water before you open the tap will not just ensure your family’s health but should also improve the taste of the water.


Not all filters are made equally. Some systems are little more than sieves that remove solids and impurities. True filtering eliminates viruses, bacteria, parasites, pathogens, debris, chlorine and medicines that make their way into the system. The don’t merely give you “pretty” and “clear” water, but water that is pure and healthy.


Image: JoJo

JoJo, who are perhaps known best for their iconic water storage tanks, offer a comprehensive range of filtration solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. From water bottles to a whole-house filter that ensures all the water entering your home will be of the very highest standard.


For many householders, JoJo’s under-counter and countertop filters will be popular solutions as they guarantee water used for drinking and cooking will be free of harmful contaminants. The countertop filters can be easily installed by homeowners themselves while the undercounter filters require installation from a qualified plumber or a preferred Jojo installer.

Image: JoJo

Why do JoJo believe their filters offer a level of filtration no other can in South Africa? JoJo’s Disruptor technology contains an anti-microbial silver to disinfect, and powdered activated carbon, to reduce odours and improve the taste of the water.


Additionally, the filter saves on energy as it offers high flow rates at lower pressure drops, it maintains water integrity, removing harmful elements but retaining minerals for taste, and no water is wasted during the process of using the Disruptor filter.


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