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5 Things We Love About The New HUAWEI Nova 10 Series

HUAWEI revealed the HUAWEI nova 10 and HUAWEI nova 10 Pro which are heading to South Africa in the coming weeks.


  • The HUAWEI nova 10 Series features the entry-level nova 10 and advanced nova 10 Pro.
  • The new release from HUAWEI promises to be the ultimate device for vloggers and selfie fans.
  • The HUAWEI EMUI OS offers some smart integrations with other HUAWEI product to enhance productivity.
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The HUAWEI nova 10 series brings a fashionable design, powerful camera and fast charging to the competitive smartphone market, making it one of the more beautiful yet trendy flagship smartphones out there, with the ultimate front camera and fastest charging capability.


This new mid-range smartphone from HUAWEI has one clear selling point: capturing the greatest selfies imaginable. The dual sensor front camera has a lot of great features, but there are still concerns about its lack of 5G connectivity and its challenged EMUI OS, which features fewer international apps than the more popular Android and iOS platforms. Popular South African apps are however gaining momentum on the platform.


After using the device for a little bit, there are a number of features that have the potential to elevate it to the top choice for any aspiring influencer. At the official South African launch, The Sandton Times made some notes and picked 5 Things We Love About The New HUAWEI Nova 10 Series:


Elegant Aesthetic
The all-new Colour No. 10 on the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) depicts exquisite and elegant aesthetics. Combining the chic metallic silver colour with the golden Star Orbit Ring and Icon, it adopts a double colour coating process to enhance the appearance of the Star Orbit Ring, fusing technology and fashion. Using the brand-new COP encapsulation technology, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) also manages to shrink the bottom bezel to just 2.56mm, allowing for a more immersive visual experience.


The phone seems just as well-made outside of these embellishments as many of the other top mid-range phones we’ve tried of late. Considering the amount of technology it contains, the phone felt thin and light yet comfortable and solid when held.


Camera for Creators
Featuring the HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) sports high-quality dual front camera lenses. One of these lenses feature the industry’s first front-facing 60MP Dual Autofocus Camera, supporting 100-degree wide angle and 4K video quality with excellent resolution and light sensitivity.
Additionally, the front-facing 8MP Portrait Close-up Camera, another industry’s first, supports 2X optical zoom and up to 5X digital zoom, expanding the limits of human perception and bringing the ultimate close-up portrait experience. As a result, the HAUWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) allows users to shoot 0.7X~5X zoom videos while freely adjusting the zoom range to improve the vlog-shooting experience.


The front camera on HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) has Instant AF that employs Quad Phased Detection (QPD), where all pixels are involved in imaging and focus. Compared to a common autofocus lens, it promises a 30 per cent increase in focus speed. With the Dual-View video function, users can have a multi-camera shooting experience with the combination of dual front cameras, front and rear cameras, or picture-in-picture shooting. Users can also shoot portrait selfies with SLR-Level Bokeh effects, thanks to the capabilities of the XD Fusion Engine and AI algorithms.


When taking photos of people, users can select the Follow Focus feature in the ‘Vlog’ Category under ‘Effects’. There is also a Portrait Video function, which makes portrait Bokeh look more natural through more advanced facial recognition and background Bokeh algorithms.


The smartphone also comes with an AI Snapshot feature that can process elements, such as people, sky, buildings and plants, to enhance the overall look and feel of photos. The Super Night Shot feature brings out excellent details from shadows, as well as leveraging its powerful light sensing capabilities and pixel-grade reconstruction technology to increase the brightness of dark areas.


What all of this means is that the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is one influencers and content creators will want to get their hands on, boasting an array of top quality, thought-through features designed with heavy camera users in mind.


Nova 10
From photography to videography, the HUAWEI nova Series has a heritage of providing great experiences to nova users, alongside distinguished aesthetics, high performance and SuperCharge capabilities. Image: HUAWEI

SuperCharge Turbo Mode
The new HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) supports the 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge with the new Turbo Mode, which enables users to charge the phone up to 60% in only 10-minutes and fully charge the phone in just 20-minutes. It packs a large 4500mAh battery in its slim body to provide a long-lasting battery life even with heavy usage.


Expandable Storage
The next question influencers and content creators will have, after knowing what the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro can do, is relating to the storage capacity which is a standard 256GB – not enough in our opinion! However, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro does have space to slot in a memory card and upgrade that storage space, which many will need, given the easy of shooting high-quality video on this device.


Bold Display
Fitted with a 120Hz original-colour large curved display screen, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro offers a great visual experience for those catching up on series or movies on their mobile device, combined with stereo dual speakers.


Where many other Android based, smartphone brands are innovating where there is no innovation needed, it seems HUAWEI has focused on stuff that matters. If you are looking for a smartphone with a gorgeous design and aesthetics that boasts impressive camera capabilities, fast charging and a seamless navigation experience, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is worth your attention.


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