Qatar World Cup 2022

How Can I Watch The Qatar World Cup 2022 In South Africa?

Just a few days remain until the Qatar World Cup 2022, so it might be a good time to book your seat on the couch, get the remote ready and plan your viewing schedule.


  • On November 20, the host nation of Qatar and Ecuador will play in the opening game of the tournament.
  • December 18 is the date of the Qatar World Cup 2022 final.
  • The SABC as well as Multichoice, will be showing all 32 teams competing across 64 matches in the month long event.
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You can catch your favorite matches on TV, saving you the cost of travel, accommodation, and match-day tickets in the Middle East. Besides, watching the Qatar World Cup 2022 on your favourite platform in up to 4K provides you with live commentary, replay, analysis and your own private bathroom and catering – what more could you ask for the world’s greatest football spectacle?


According to a recent study by Ipsos, 75% of those who intend to watch the Qatar World Cup 2022 plan to do so at least in part on a TV set, 35% on the internet, 26% on a mobile device, and 13% on a tablet.


The latest Ipsos survey also revealed that, countries with the largest proportions of football followers are, in order: Indonesia (69%), Saudi Arabia (67%), the United Arab Emirates (65%), and India (60%). The next tier consists of Argentina (51%), Brazil (50%), South Africa (50%), and Peru (49%). In contrast, fewer than one in five in Japan (14%), Canada (15%), Hungary (18%), and The United States (19%) describe themselves as football followers.


Qatar World Cup 2022
Al Rihla, the Official Match Ball for the Qatar World Cup 2022 has been inspired by the architecture, iconic boats, and the flag of Qatar. Image: Adidas

Here’s where you can watch the month long Qatar World Cup 2022 marathon:


For the FIFA World Cup, the SABC Sport Channel will be the primary broadcast platform for the live action, with SABC 1, SABC 2 and SABC 3 also carrying the games live simultaneously. Viewers will also be able to enjoy the live action from the Qatar World Cup 2022 in the language of their choice on SABC Radio Stations.


All the live matches will include a live studio build up with match previews and latest team and player news, presented by SABC Sport anchors and top analysts, both on TV and Radio platforms.


As part of the SABC “always-on” digital strategy, all the latest news, score updates, log table, streaming services and live match commentary will be available on the SABC Sport digital platforms, ensuring that the audiences don’t miss a single minute of the Qatar World Cup 2022. Best yet, it’s not going to cost you anything.


Showmax Pro
With Showmax Pro, you won’t need to get the full DStv bouquet at R829 if you want to watch the Qatar World Cup 2022! Showmax has lowered its tariffs to make SuperSport’s coverage of the Qatar World Cup 2022 even more accessible to viewers in South Africa and better still, in 4K. Live sports on Showmax Pro will cost South African subscribers R299 per month (down from R349) for a short period, while Pro Mobile will cost R199 per month (from R225).


All 64 live games of sports’ biggest event will be available for Showmax Pro subscribers to stream on compatible devices in both HD and 4K resolution.


For the first time, the full Qatar World Cup 2022 will be televised on DStv in 4K. The games will be broadcast in 4K quality – up to eight million or more pixels. All 64 Qatar World Cup 2022 games will be televised on SuperSport, including Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers, with all matches featuring professional build-ups and summaries, as well as cutting-edge graphics and other content.


For the full 4K experience, expect to put some money on the table for a 4K screen, correct DStv package and decoder, plus installation.


The Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the 22nd running of the FIFA World Cup competition. Also, check out the Best Spots To Watch The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 In Sandton!


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