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Key Indicators Show Some Growth And Revitalisation In Sandton Central

Following the significant shift towards remote and hybrid work models in recent years, Sandton Central is experiencing some resurgence as it adapts to the evolving needs and requirements of office tenants.


  • There’s been an increasing number of commuters travelling into the Sandton Central Business District (CBD) daily.
  • Corporates have implemented hybrid work models, enabling employees to work both from the office and from home.
  • Foot traffic figures in Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square have surpassed pre-Covid levels.
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There was a time when the heart of Sandton felt like a scene from a dystopian blockbuster, but 3-years on, the Sandton Central Business District (CBD) is seeing renewed energy as the cobwebs of an extended period of uncertainty are set aside.

We are witnessing a re-energisation of the Sandton Central district, which is rapidly adapting to meet the demands of a new era in the workplace. The community is thriving, with an influx of commuters and bustling activity in the area.

// District Improvement Manager of Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


Whilst the pandemic is no longer a concern for most, Sandton Central now tackles new challenges including the knock-on effect of load-shedding and a transition from dense office space to more residential options within the node.


The recent announcement of the Traffic Signal Secondary Power Initiative has chartered a course for the private sector to pick up where the public sector is unable to deliver, whilst promising developments like BlackBrick Sandton Two on Fredman Drive and the Sandton Platinum Residences on Rivonia Road show an increased interest in bringing more living space into Africa’s richest square mile.


The recent reopening of the Sandton Convention Centre has also contributed to the district’s rejuvenation, showcasing significant growth in local and international conference and convention bookings.

We have experienced excellent occupancy levels in our Sandton Central hotels in the last quarter. The demand is driven by a strong domestic business market, growing international tourism, and the return of airline crews and national sports teams.

// General Manager of Sandton Sun and Southern Sun Hotels, Robert Jasper


However, for the hotel industry, the Sandton node is still falling short of pre-Covid performance. This illustrates the sluggish rebound in business travel, which was made worse, in-part by the widespread adoption of hybrid work arrangements by many corporations, allowing workers to work both in the office and from home.

We have seen a significant move towards the luxury / five star market with the hotels trading close to pre-Covid levels but the 3 and 4 star markets are still struggling due to the corporate transient traveller not being completely back in the Sandton CBD.

// General Manager of Sandton Sun and Southern Sun Hotels, Robert Jasper


Prioritising safety and security, Sandton Central employs highly visible ‘Men in Red’ ambassadors who patrol the precinct on foot and in vehicles. The district also provides a 24-hour emergency medical service and operates 240 CCTV cameras to ensure the highest safety standards are consistently maintained.

As Sandton Central continues to adapt and flourish, the district is proud to solidify its position as a leading business and lifestyle destination in South Africa.

// District Improvement Manager of Sandton Central Management District (SCMD), Elaine Jack


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