We Tried It: A Taste Of Greece In Sandton With GRK Street Food

Modern Greek eatery GRK opened its doors in Sandton in early July 2022, launching a menu with a modern twist on classic Greek street food, with gyro at the heart of it.


  • A classic gyro is usually made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served wrapped or stuffed in pita bread.
  • The eatery, which is owned by Greek natives, displays a fresh clean look with interiors designed by Giorgio Tatsakis of Atelier Giorgio.
  • Besides gyro, GRK also specialise in Vaflaki (freshly baked mini waffles imported from Greece) served with homemade Italian gelato.
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Always on the lookout for the latest spaces in Sandton, The Sandton Times set out for a weekend late lunch at the newly opened GRK situated in Rivonia Village Shopping Centre, off Rivonia Boulevard. Those who have visited Greece will know that the Mediterranean nation boasts some of the most delectable dishes, especially when it comes to street food.


Inspired by Greek art forms, a focal point is the organic shaped bar counter detail and the symmetrical, modular wall panel placed perfectly at the back of the arched seating booths. Image: The Sandton Times

The owners of GRK saw an opportunity to take one of the most notable street foods and make it the star of the show, however via the “new method” of cooking the meat – a method which was encountered by the owners in Greece five years ago. Known as a gyro, this street bite is made from layered meat usually cooked on a vertical rotisserie, then stuffed in a pita bread, along with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki. The new method of making a gyro includes top-quality meat prepared and grilled on flat grills onsite instead of a vertical rotisserie. The meat is thinly sliced and then cut on open kitchen butcher blocks with custom made half-moon knives, unique to GRK.


The intention of the space was to steer away from the traditional ‘blue and white’ aesthetic that one generally sees and associates with a Greek restaurant, and modernize it, just like the food. Image: The Sandton Times

Although a different take on the traditional gyro, there is no compromise on that punchy gyro flavour. This method of cooking is cleaner and more sanitary offering discerning diners great tasting food, in a modern, upmarket, yet casual setting. Pork, beef, lamb, chicken and kofta gyro is offered, all served in traditional pita imported directly from Greece, which contain no added sugar and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, available in four variations: village (choriatiki), wholegrain, carob and corn.


Choose your meat from pork, beef, lamb or chicken and match it with a pita and dip of choice. Then pick from a selection of fries and salads on the side. Image: The Sandton Times

Furthermore, for vegetarians and vegans, falafel, traditional halloumi and mushroom options are offered, which are equally as delicious as the meat options. All gyros come with a variety of dips, which have been specially adjusted to South African palates, making it more relevant, like avocado! Dips include classic options such as Tzatziki (garlic, herbed or avocado) and hummus but also less traditional flavours such as yoghurt mustard and babaganoush. Added to this simple menu, is a variety of salads which are all freshly prepared with top quality produce, displayed in GRK’s fruit and vegetable feature display fridge, situated within the open kitchen.


Get creative with Vaflaki (freshly baked mini waffles imported from Greece) served with homemade Italian gelato (using imported products) and topped with fruits, chocolate from a fountain and more! Image: The Sandton Times

The GRK interior is equally as appealing featuring ebony timber, a neutral palette, and clean geometric lines. There are also an array of authentic Greek ready-made meals which are personally prepared by their in-house team of chefs, ready for you to grab-on-the-go or enjoy at the eatery. And if you’re looking for a shot or three of Ouzo, GRK can round-off a meal with that too!


For more, visit the GRK website.


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