2021 Merry Gift Guide: Fizztive Joy With Sodastream

There are a few things we can’t live without, one of those being a SodaStream, because nothing beats sparkling water, any hour of the day.


  • SodaStream transforms your filtered home water into either sparkling water or add a flavour to make your own soft drinks.
  • One SodaStream bottle replaces 5’070 bottles (an average family over 3 years) making it better for the environment.
  • At only R3.33 per litre of sparkling water, each bottle can be used to make up to nine litres.
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The 12-Days of Christmas might be one of the best-known carols, but honestly, who is still gifting their true love a partridge in a pear tree or even three French hens? That’s why The Sandton Times has narrowed down the list to a few things that have caught our eye this year!


It’s Day 12 of our Merry Gift Guide, as we countdown some of those must-have’s for Christmastime and today, we’re taking a look at one of our favourite household essentials: a SodaStream!


Christmas is a time for glamour, glitz and something refreshing when days get hot! Decadence is in abundance and entertaining is what the season is about. So what’s better than adding some bubbles to the season with your very own SodaStream? They come in some fabulous colours and design options to fit your kitchen counter, with easy to follow steps on how to get the freshest carbonated drinks, whenever you feel like one.


SodaStream is always experimenting and adding great flavour options to the line-up including sugar-free choices, with an exciting recent release of Pepsi mixes, including Pepsi Original, Pepsi Max, 7Up, 7Up Free and Mirinda, apart from their all-time Classic flavours. Image: The Sandton Times

These are just some of the reasons that, according to research SodaStream helps you drink more water – 43% more! That should tick the ‘hydrate more’ box for your 2022 goals. Also, it’ll reduce the number of plastic bottles you add to landfills as the reusable bottles which last years, eliminate the need for beverage packaging, which is part of the brand’s effort to help consumers avoid more than 200 billion plastic bottles by 2030.


Another great feature is the fact that you can have your sparkling water as fizz-filled as you like it. In many European markets, sparkling water is sold light bubbly or very bubbly, whereas, in South Africa, there is only one kind of bubbly. With a SodaStream you can make your water as sparkling as your personality, which might be very or not so much.


SodaStream became an instant hit with the British upper class (including the royal household) when it was founded in 1903 in the UK. Fast forward 75-years and Peter Wiseburgh, who had been successfully distributing SodaStream in Israel, established a new company called Soda-Club and patents a new brand of in-home carbonation machines distributed internationally. Soda-club acquires SodaStream, becoming the world’s largest home carbonation system in 1998.


A SodaStream is a well-priced, worth-the-investment Christmas gift that’ll keep on giving for years to come!


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