10th Anniversary

EFF 10th Anniversary Celebration At Mushroom Farm Park This Weekend

On Saturday, 22 July 2023, Sandton will play host to a carnival procession and concert at Mushroom Farm Park marking the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) 10th Anniversary.


  • Organizers have received the Joint Operations Committee (JOC) approval from the City of Johannesburg.
  • The movement was formed in 2013 and marks it’s 10th Anniversary in 2023.
  • The EFF have produced an array of 10th Anniversary merchandise to mark the occasion.
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If you are heading into Sandton this weekend, plan your route carefully as the EFF marks its 10th Anniversary celebrations. The festivities will kick off at 11am with a carnival procession commencing at the Alexandra Stadium.


Led by the South African Police Service (SAPS) public order policing and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), the procession will follow a carefully planned route shared with the attendees:

  • Departing from Alexandra Stadium
  • Left onto 12th Avenue
  • Right onto Alfred Nzo Street (Roosevelt)
  • Right onto Watt Street
  • Straight onto Rautenbach Street
  • Slide onto Grayston Drive
  • Left onto Katherine Street
  • Right onto 5th Street
  • Right onto Maude Street
  • Right onto West Street
  • Left onto Rivonia Road
  • Right onto Pretorius Street
  • Arriving at Mushroom Farm Park


As the march progresses, there will be a moving road closure to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the celebratory procession. The procession’s destination is the scenic Mushroom Farm Park, where the heart of the celebrations will take place. Anticipated to arrive between 2pm to 2:30pm. The park, known for its lush greenery and tranquil ambiance, will serve as the backdrop for the celebratory music concert that awaits.


The music concert is scheduled to kick off at 3pm, featuring a line-up of artists who will set the stage ablaze with their performances. With an expected attendance of 1200, the event organizers have obtained approval for a capacity of 1500 for Mushroom Farm Park. As the music concert draws to a close at 8pm, arrangements have been made to transport the attendees back to Alexandra Stadium via buses.


To ensure the seamless execution of the event and prioritize the safety of all attendees, Sandton Central will be on the ground, closely monitoring the procession. Any security issues that may arise during the event will be reported to the SAPS and the Venue Operations Center (VOC).


Considering the size and scope of the carnival procession and concert, it is expected that there will be traffic impacts along the direct routes from the start point to the end point. To minimize disruptions and inconvenience to the public, law enforcement, security personnel, and Community Policing Forum (CPF) members will be overseeing the event. Closer to the event date, the impacted roads will be communicated to the public to allow for better traffic management.


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