EcoFlow Keeps The Game On During Load-Shedding

The Rugby World Cup 2023 has arrived and South Africa is gripped with excitement with TVs across the country tuning in to capture every electrifying moment – that’s if they have an EcoFlow!


  • There’s one unwelcome guest that can spoil the Rugby World Cup watching party – load-shedding.
  • It’s a phenomenon that can cast its shadow even over the Rugby World Cup, threatening to extinguish the WOW moments on and off the field.
  • But fear not, there’s a game-changer in town that can keep the game going: EcoFlow.
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EcoFlow is a pioneering eco-friendly energy solutions company that has been on a mission since its inception in 2017 – to power a new world. The vision of EcoFlow is to become a reliable and trusted energy companion for individuals and families worldwide, offering accessible and renewable power solutions for use at home, in outdoor adventures, and in mobile spaces.


Now, the good news for South Africa is that EcoFlow has arrived in the country with its cutting-edge portable power solutions. With a track record of serving millions of users worldwide, EcoFlow is determined to ensure that load-shedding doesn’t steal the spotlight from the exhilarating moments of the Rugby World Cup.


At the heart of EcoFlow’s mission to keep the game going during load-shedding is the EcoFlow DELTA 2 portable power station. This flagship model is redefining uninterrupted power with an expandable capacity ranging from 1kWh to 3kWh and a rated output of 1800W. It can effortlessly power your 50″ TV for a staggering 8 hours and simultaneously run 12 other appliances. That’s enough juice to meet your power needs even during the most challenging Stage 6 load-shedding scenarios.


With operational headquarters in the USA, Germany, and Japan, EcoFlow has already empowered more than 2,5-million users in over 100 markets around the globe. Image: Ecoflow

Here are some of the standout features of the EcoFlow DELTA 2 that make it the ultimate solution for uninterrupted power:

1. Industry-Leading Fast Charging: With X-Stream technology, the DELTA 2 can be charged from 0-80% in just 60 minutes from a wall socket. This means that even if your power goes out frequently, it will be back to full capacity between game breaks.

2. Long-Lasting Battery Life: The DELTA 2 is equipped with LFP batteries similar to those used in electric cars, providing a lifespan of 3000 cycles to 80% capacity. In practical terms, this can power your home daily for an impressive 10 years. Add to that a 5-year warranty, and you can confidently rely on the DELTA 2 for the next decade.

3. Portability: Weighing just 12kg, the portable design of the DELTA 2 means you can take the power with you wherever you choose to watch the game. Whether it’s in your yard or out in the great outdoors, this device can power everything from laptops and projectors to heavier equipment.

4. Noise, Fume, and Maintenance-Free: Unlike traditional fuel generators, the DELTA 2 operates quietly and emits no harmful emissions during use, allowing you to enjoy the game undisturbed. It also requires no maintenance with its compact plug-and-play design, making it the perfect home power companion.

5. Sustainability and Compatibility: When paired with solar panels, the DELTA 2 can harness clean, renewable energy from the sun and charge in as little as 3-6 hours. Additionally, it can be connected to your home panel via a transfer switch, enabling it to power your entire home with just a 20-minute installation and straightforward operation.


The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is available now on the market and is priced at R24’999.


As the Springboks gear up to take on the world in the Rugby World Cup 2023, EcoFlow stands ready to be your reliable power backup for every moment of the game. Whether you’re watching the matches with family or friends, you can gear up for the Rugby World Cup 2023 with the assurance of uninterrupted power. Say goodbye to load-shedding woes and share the excitement as you cheer for the Boks!


For those seeking portable power solutions starting from R5’999, you can explore more options on the EcoFlow website or through authorized retailers.


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