Digital Transformation Summit

Highlights From The Digital Transformation Summit Hosted In Sandton

The 21st Edition of the Digital Transformation Summit, hosted in Sandton this month, was a remarkable event that brought together leaders and experts from various industries to discuss the role of technology in advancing the country’s digital landscape.


  • Organized by Exito Media Concepts the summit featured insightful discussions, keynote speeches, and panel sessions.
  • The event aimed to unlock the potential of digital transformation for a prosperous future.
  • The day culminated in the awarding of The DT 50 Magazine, recognising leaders and trailblazers in the field of digital transformation.
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The summit kicked off with an opening keynote that emphasized the significance of digital transformation for South Africa’s economy. Discussions centered around envisioning a future powered by technology and exploring the broader societal benefits of embracing digital innovation. Policymakers highlighted the need for a supportive framework to encourage digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of organizations implementing technological solutions to reskill their workforce and promote digital upskilling.


Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager – Africa, Zoho Corporation, presented success factors for developing a robust technology ecosystem within organizations. He shed light on how companies can meet the demands of the digital age, incorporating emerging technologies like cloud deployment, artificial intelligence, and low-code tools to drive innovation and efficiency.


Sibusiso Edgar Mbingo, Chief Information Officer at PPS: New Ventures, delved into the infusion of artificial intelligence to position South Africa at the forefront of digital transformation. He discussed the possibilities of AI-augmented human capabilities, challenges, and opportunities presented by AI-driven systems, and the impact of AI and advanced robotics in workplaces.


Digital Transformation Summit
Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the day was well-versed digital media entrepreneur and global keynote speaker, Alexander Leibner, who kept audiences engaged and informed. Image: EXITO Media Concepts

A stimulating panel discussion explored the concept of Web 3.0 and its potential to transform the internet landscape through decentralization using blockchain technology. Panellists, including representatives from ISACA South Africa Chapter, ABSA Group, and others, discussed South Africa’s role in thriving cryptocurrency and enabling seamless movement across the metaverse.


A fireside chat featuring cybersecurity experts from Sasol and ISACA South Africa Chapter explored the critical importance of cybersecurity in enabling successful digital transformation. Discussions covered unified data protection, best practices in detecting and responding to cyber breaches, and implementing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture to support hybrid work and digital innovation.


Another engaging panel discussed the rise of Generative AI, its impact on creative industries, ethical considerations, and industry applications across various sectors. The importance of responsible development and usage of Generative AI was highlighted, along with the need for safeguards against bias and harmful content generation.


The summit concluded with the presentation of The DT 50 Magazine, recognizing and honoring top technologists, innovators, and influential leaders driving technology forward in South Africa. These leaders, representing various industries, were applauded for their exemplary leadership and dedication to making a difference through digital transformation.


Digital Transformation Summit
Senior IT and C-Suite delegates packed out the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC) conference room to discuss the latest in digital transformation developments. Image: EXITO Media Concepts

Sought after broadcaster, global keynote speaker and moderator, Alexander Leibner facilitated the day as MC, keeping the majority C-Suite audience informed and entertained with his unique style and ability. With extensive experience in front of the camera and behind the microphone, Alexander is no stranger to hosting high-profile events including those for Afreximbank, Forbes Africa, CNBC Africa, Philips Africa, and engagements alongside the World Economic Forum on Africa.


From unlocking the value of digital transformation to exploring AI, Generative AI, and Web 3.0, the event showcased the immense potential of technology in shaping a more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable South Africa. The 21st Edition of the Digital Transformation Summit in Sandton was a resounding success, paving the way for South Africa’s journey into a digital future.


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