Dante String Quartet

Harmony & Heritage: Dante String Quartet’s Unforgettable Performance At Sanctuary Mandela

Sanctuary Mandela will be hosting a collaboration with the Dante String Quartet, the only quartet in the UK currently composed of two South Africans and two Brits.


  • This musical fusion promises to be a celebration of diversity, unity, and the transformative power of the arts.
  • The Dante String Quartet, comprises Zoë Beyers and Ian Watson on violins, Carol Ella on viola, and Richard Jenkinson on cello.
  • The highlight of their visit is the performance at the iconic Sanctuary Mandela Boutique Hotel on the 21 October 2023 at 6pm.
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Forming an integral part of the ‘Sanctuary Serenade: An Evening of Music and Culinary Exploration’, this unique event weaves together the enchanting world of music with the flavors of a gourmet culinary journey and the rich tapestry of cultural exploration.


Hosted at the notable Sanctuary Mandela Boutique Hotel, the evening promises an immersive experience, transporting attendees into a realm where the senses are stirred by the harmony of music and the delight of exquisite cuisine. Nestled in Johannesburg, Sanctuary Mandela stands as a living tribute to Nelson Mandela’s unwavering spirit and commitment to creating a better world. The hotel, embodying Mandela’s creative vision, becomes the perfect canvas for this musical tapestry to unfold.


During the ‘Sanctuary Serenade’, the hotel transforms into a stage for celebrating Mandela’s profound creative essence. The Dante String Quartet takes center stage, their music resonating with Mandela’s commitment to the arts. The hotel’s halls will come alive with the duo’s talents, creating an atmosphere of cultural richness and artistic celebration.


But the Dante Quartet’s commitment extends beyond the performance itself. Recognizing the transformative power of education, they have secured a date at the Morris Isaacson School in Soweto. Here, the quartet will not only perform a specially crafted youth concert for the children but also provide private lessons, aiming to instill a greater awareness of music-making through education.


Dante String Quartet
The Dante String Quartet, with their extensive musical background, aims to provide an enriching experience for their audience. Image: Dante String Quartet | Gail Secker

Their commitment to education is mirrored in their performances, where they seek to give a platform to a diverse range of composers. In doing so, they hope to create an inclusive and expansive musical experience for those who choose to listen.


South African-born Zoë Beyers, Ian Watson, Carol Ella, and Richard Jenkinson, each bring their unique talent and background to the quartet. Their collective experience spans solo performances, orchestral leadership, and collaborations with major orchestras in the UK.


For those eager to witness this captivating collaboration, tickets for the ‘Sanctuary Serenade’ at the Sanctuary Mandela Boutique Hotel are available. The intimate concert, welcome drinks, guided tour of Sanctuary Mandela, and a progressive dining experience promise an unforgettable evening.


Event Details

Date: 21 October 2023 at 6pm
Venue: Sanctuary Mandela Boutique Hotel, Houghton
Ticket Details: Intimate Concert, Welcome Drinks, Guided Tour of Sanctuary Mandela and Progressive Dining Experience


The Dante Quartet’s blend of South African and British talents, their commitment to education, and the unique fusion of music and culinary exploration at the ‘Sanctuary Serenade’ promise an evening of cultural celebration and artistic vibrancy.


For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Sanctuary Mandela website.


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